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The Four Last Things
St. Thomas More

"The active study of the four last things
and the deep consideration of them,
is the thing that will keep you from sin."

--Sir Thomas More
Message of 1969 to the Messenger of Jesus in Mexico
Further Messages to the Messenger
Legion of Victim Souls
My Best Book, Ch. 1--4
My Best Book, Ch. 5--8
My Best Book, Ch. 9--12

Messages from Heaven
to the Messenger of Jesus in Mexico

Laments of Jesus, Victim
Penitential Rosary

Warnings and Voices from Beyond the Grave

Novena in Honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
1--2--3 -- 4--5--6 -- 7--8--9

Messages from Heaven: 1969--1970: -- Download PDF

How My Father Was Converted

See video
Excerpts of the Secret - ENGLISH VERSION

Movie about the Life of Christ. 2 hours.

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At the Feet of the Master --
The Secret Revealed --How a woman in Mexico faced a difficult situation.

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Reflections: May--June 2004: Sacred Heart: St. Gertrude
Reflections: July--August 2004: Longing for Paradise: Passion Movie
Reflections: Sept.--Oct. 2004: Having the Same Sentiments as Jesus Christ
Reflections: Nov.--Dec. 2004: Divine Puzzles: The Book of Job.
Reflections: Jan.--Feb. 2005: Report from Pennsylvania. Consecration of Victimhood.
Reflections: March--April 2005: Remedies against Pride. Great Shipwreck.

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