Further Messages

Revelations about the Armistice

On Feb. 8, 1937, our Lord said to me: "Write for souls a great secret that I am going to reveal to you--a secret of my love for justice, of those excesses, that is, of love that, in justice I have for sinners. Look! Keep it also in your heart, so that you may give me glory eternally.

"Write then, so my Church may know which is the day of general Armistice, of general entry into heaven. And it is that day on which the Church Militant celebrates annually the mystery of my Ascension into Heaven, from its vigil through its octave. And in memory of my most sacred Humanity's being glorified and placed at the side of my Heavenly Father, no one can be condemned on that day." (Our Lord calls a 'day' a period of time: "From the vigil until the octave.") "Not a single brother of the Son of Man can be condemned on that day. Because all that time, the gates of hell are closed, and justice is suspended. In such a way that, at that time, the amnesty is: justice for all."

(I note here that, when Our Lord says 'justice,' he means, to have pity, compassion, mercy with sinners. That is why he repeats to me so many times: "My justice is love. If I were not just, I would not be merciful. It is just to exercise mercy with the miserable.")

"That is when the Heart of the Redeemer of men is dilated with joy and attracts many sinners in a fraternal embrace, purifying them in an effusive act of joy.

"Tell me--could I do more for them than this great excess of mercy? Fortunate the soul that is called to eternity on this day" [this period of time] "of general amnesty, because the just will be excused from his purgatory, and the sinner will be purified there for Heaven."

When I heard such sentiments, although I understood that nothing was contrary to dogma, nevertheless, I was afraid that it might not be the voice of God that was telling me such things.

"You are afraid? Your doubt does not offend me. It glorifies me, and it will be the best testimony of my truth, when you see, face to face, the spectacle of my Redemption in the eternal Mansions."

Message about the Work of Atonement

September 29, 1969. This time Jesus spoke to me very solemnly. He said: "Tell the entire world: Your salvation lies in uniting yourselves to the Work of Atonement, the most beloved Work of my Heart.

"It is in this Work that all of you will find the weapons with which to conquer your enemies."

"By imitating and living according to the shield which I have given to it. By consecrating themselves: to my Heart, promising me to be meek and humble; to the Heart of my Blessed Mother, who is the Perpetual Help of all those who invoke her. To my foster-father, imitating his virtues of humble and silent guardian of the family; to my servant Francis, seraphic in love, intrepid leader in the struggle against the world, the devil and the flesh; lover of holy poverty, humble, sweet and charitable with his brethren; penitent and a lover of prayer."

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