of Jesus, Victim

Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ
to Maria Concepcion Zuniga Lopez

Electronic Edition


Through Mary and with Mary
the Roman, Catholic, Apostolic Church
will Triumph under the Cross of Christ

of Jesus, Victim

Meditations suitable for all times and for all persons
especially for pious persons and for the end of the year

May it be for the glory of God!


First Meditation Let Us Unite Ourselves with Him
Second Meditation Love
Third Meditation The Spirit of Faith
Fourth Meditation Purity
Fifth Meditation Confidence
Sixth Meditation Final Judgment


"Laments of Jesus, Victim" is a compilation of the words spoken by Our Lord to Maria Concepcion Zuniga Lopez in 1932. These revelations were compiled by her in the form of pious meditations. They confirm those of St. Gertrude the Great, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Sister Benigna Consolata and Sister Josefa Menendez.

Our Lord told her clearly: "My Justice is love. This Heart that is all love wishes to manifest itself to the world even more openly.

"It has manifested Itself in Its mercy; but the world has not understood this love of My Heart in Its Justice, and the time for these manifestations has now arrived, until the world is convinced of it.

"I want to be loved in My Justice; and you must know that there is no better way to obtain My mercy than to love My Justice. In all your afflictions, in your disappointments and in your misfortunes, in your temptations, in your sorrows, dangers and even in your falls into sin, make acts of love of My Justice, and you will see how My merciful love is shed over your soul.

"But never fear Me, for I am a good God, and a God of Love and Sanctity. Be afraid only of offending Me, for this is the true and holy fear of God, the beginning of all wisdom."

On Wednesday, December 20, 1972, at 3:00 a.m., Our Lord gave her a message concerning the obligation of living a life of perfection.

I was fast asleep; then I awoke suddenly because our cell was flooded with light. This light was very familiar to me, because it is the splendor which radiates from the presence of Jesus.

Awakening, therefore, I sprang to the floor and knelt. Then, almost weeping, I asked Jesus that He should deign to let me see Him. Immediately Our Lord permitted me to behold Him standing in front of me. Then Jesus said:

"Write: the words which I have given you concerning the perfection which is of obligation for all, should have already been sent to. . ." (Here Jesus named a certain person whose name must be discreetly withheld by me.) "You must send these words to him this very day. Tell him, on My behalf, that he must publish these words, adding a prologue composed by himself. In his prologue, he must exhort the world that no one shall attain salvation without leading a life of perfection."

Our Lord then alluded to some news which was brought here by a priest. Regarding this information, Jesus said:

"The news which has reached you through these visitors of Rev. Father Jonas is very true. At the present time, the demon is taking the greater number of souls along with him, to his kingdom."

Next Our Lord made allusion to some words which He deigned to express in the Universal Messages given to the world by Him, by means of this miserable soul, and which are already well known. However, hardly anyone pays attention to these Messages. The words to which Jesus referred at this moment were as follows: