"At the present time, that message of Mine is now being realized. It is the message wherein I said: If they do not correct themselves and do penance, I will abandon them to their whims until the end. I will deny them the grace of coming among you as Teacher and thus, after a tragic corruption, I will come and fling them all into Hell!"

Immediately after Our Lord had reminded me of these words of His, which are already known by many, He added:

"It is therefore urgent that you should once more insist upon the fact that I have not spoken in vain. Hence, be perfect. Indeed, everyone should strive towards perfection, the great sinners, coming to Me repentant, doing violence to themselves and abandoning sin; tepid souls, striving to become more fervent; and the ministers of My church who have prevaricated must retract if they desire to be saved. On the contrary, if they should desist. . .what a terrible eternity awaits those who are obstinate! My silence. . .ah, My spouse, it is due to a mandate of My Heavenly Father. Divine Justice is overflowing!

"To be sure, there are souls who are offering themselves as victims, but they are few in comparison with the momentary increase of sin. Where is the penance. . . the penance which is due? Who performs it? Everyone lives his life seeking commodities. After I have redeemed them, men have turned themselves into pagans once more, and they refuse to be Christians. By acting in this manner can they be saved. . .? Will they help Me to save souls from this whirlpool of sin which now exists?

"It is as I have told you once before: Let them forget everything and love Me. That is to say: Let them live this time now, not for the body, but for the soul; do not live for your own selves, but for Heaven. Live to give Me souls through your sacrifices and prayers, offered with a clean and pure heart, full of love. . .is this not the manner in which I have done the same for you?"

At this moment Jesus began to withdraw. Then I desired Him to give me some proof in reply to the persons mentioned above. Then Our Lord expressed the following words for that person, thus:

"Can I give him any greater proof? Or is there a better, more consoling indication of My good pleasure than to ask him to intervene with regard to the publication of My words? Therefore, send him the booklet concerning victim souls, that he may translate and publish it; and that he may also seek victim souls for Me.

"With regard to his family, if he learns how to bear with them for love of Me, while sustaining and exercising his rights as the head of the family, I shall reward him. And if he should constantly pray for their souls, I shall not fail to manifest My power. That is to say, I will give him those souls in eternity, together with many others. But he must always seek the right pathway, cost what it may."

Then Our Lord disappeared. It was ten minutes to four o’clock in the morning.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


I will say a word to those who may read these meditations, a word that may serve as an introduction. I wrote them about 25 years ago, for the private use of some nuns and students, and I inserted into them some of the words of Jesus revealed to me in 1932.

When I wrote them and mentioned those holy words that He had deigned to reveal to me, I wrote speaking as the third person. But this Christmas (1969), since my Jesus wants me to publish them as a gift of His love for souls, I am going to speak openly in the first person, for the time has arrived to publish to the four winds all the "secrets of the King." I do it, then, obeying, and I do it filled with joy. I hope that these pages that I write with great difficulty (I am sick and always very busy) will bear much fruit for eternal life, if He deigns to bless this work undertaken for His greater glory and for the good of souls.

Mexico, D.F., December, 1969

Preparatory Acts for each Meditation

  1. We are in the presence of God, spiritually or physically, before a Tabernacle.
  2. We are going to meditate: let us do so in absolute silence, interiorly and exteriorly as well.
  3. Let us assure Jesus of our faith, or our hope in Him. . .but may He deign to help us so that these three acts may be done with the intensity He desires and demands of us with all justice.