Our Lord Speaks to Nun in Mexico

Madre Concepcion Zuniga at age 28

Mexico City -- March 24, 1969. 4:00 a.m. I was still asleep when the rising bell was about to ring. Just then, I felt the presence of Our Lord, who said to me: "Arise and write."

Rising quickly, I hurried to my little writing table; then he said to me: "At the present time, the world is worse than Ninive when I sent Jonas to announce the punishment which the people of that city deserved. This means that the penance which should be done at the present time ought to be greater than that which Ninive offered to reparation for the sins of that generation."

Then I asked: "Lord, what sin offends thee most?" -- "The seven capital sins, which are committed with refined malice at present. They continue to defy my justice, my daughter; you understand this very well, because I have instructed you for many years.

"Insist, therefore! But tell it just as it is: that it is I who warn them! Woe to men if they do not do penance, if they do not repent sincerely and detest their sins! Woe to my priests! My daughter, pray and make reparation, and see to it that others pray and atone for their sins, because of the great malice involved: their own malice, that of their brethren, and of their priests.

"Proclaim this loudly! Hurry, my daughter! Do not fear ridicule from any one nor the ill-will of any being. Hurry! Leaflets must be distributed! This message is for today; it is not to be left in your notebook. ... It seems as though men no longer have any faith. If they would at least have a little pity for their souls!"

Message of March 29, 1969

"Tell them, my daughter, that they must be docile to my warning. This is the warning which my Mother recently announced in Spain. There will be no other warning!"

A few moments ago, at 7:30 a.m., Jesus said to me once more: "Write, my daughter. Do not hold back, neither for fear nor for human respect, what I told you on Sunday, the second day of this month, during Holy Mass."

During the holy sacrifice of the Mass, at the memento of the dead, Jesus told me:

"Tell them it is repugnant to me that they receive Holy Communion standing and without reverence. Tell them that I am offended by those who receive Holy Communion cynically, giving bad example, by the women who approach with heads uncovered and naked bodies. Tell them that soon fire will descend from heaven if they do not amend; they will be burnt alive, and will be condemned. For how will their bodies enter heaven to enjoy eternal happiness on the day of the resurrection, if those same bodies find pleasure here below in sins of filth and uncleanness and sins of provoking others to sin?

"It is not well that they stand to receive Holy Communion, neither should those who have received Communion stand afterwards, nor should they receive the last blessing, unless they are kneeling! They must devoutly approach to receive Holy Communion.

"This is the moment when prayers must be offered for the eternal repose of all those who have died, and have not been able to enter heaven, for lack of atonement for their sins. For the suffering souls I ask that these suffrages be offered! But be sure to tell my priests, they must offer the holy sacrifice of the Mass from a motive of devotion, and not for money; because I am weary of their avarice and mercantilism."

Our Lord's Messenger in Mexico

Since 1969 Our Lord has given universal messages to the world, through a Mexican nun whom he called his messenger. He commanded her to make these messages known to the whole world. She was a nun belonging to the community of the Franciscan Minims of the Perpetual Help of Mary, located in the Villa de Guadalupe in Mexico City, near the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Franciscan Minim nuns were founded in Zamora, Mexico, in 1942 and moved to Mexico City in 1967.

Since the age of 12 she received revelations from Heaven. In 1931 they were investigated and approved by Archbishop Pascual Diaz Barreto, Primate of Mexico, and in 1941 by Bishop Fulcheri.