That is what Our Lord deigned to reply to me and to orient me at that early hour of January 21, 1970.

Because I had a grave problem. Later a priest was going to come to say the Holy Mass, about whom we had suspicions, although we had seen in his attitude a great deal of piety and devotion.

A few hours later while I was at Holy Mass being said by that priest, certainly with great devotion, about the time for Communion, someone came from outside and whispered into my ear: "That priest is excommunicated."

I suffered a great deal, but I could not withdraw from the row for Communion. I made an act of holy abandonment to my God, for in other years He promised me something I have seen realized throughout my life and it is that, at the time for Communion, He will give me a feeling and the understanding about what His adorable will may be. And the reason for this security is clear with respect to dogma. When a soul is in the grace of God, the devil cannot penetrate that soul, much less in the sublime moments of sacramental Communion, when Jesus takes possession of that soul. Because we know by faith that "two opposing forces cannot occupy the same place."

And so it was that, with this confidence, I received Holy Communion with even more fervor.

Well it happened that, scarcely had I received the Sacred Host in my mouth, when I again heard the voice of my Jesus. I heard it physically, immediately, for He said to me:

"Help Me to bring everyone to the truth. I am in hands more stained than these every day. Do not be shocked at faults and human defects. Love everyone and win their souls for Heaven. Take them away from error. Extend your hand to the fallen and invite them to arise.

"Daughter, all of unite in charity and preach the truth, with no other longing than that of helping Me so My Truth and My Justice may reign on earth."

How could I express, then, my beloved brothers and sisters, all of those who are going to read this message, how can I express the peace and sweetness in which my soul remained that day?

Since that date Our Lord has not returned to say even one more word. But I think that it is because, with respect to the current conditions that prevail, He no longer has anything to say to us. Because, in all these recent messages, from the first in Lent of the past year, 1969, until this one, Jesus has spoken to us very clearly. He asks from us an amendment of life, penance and prayer and asks us to return to the primitive spirit of His Church in a fraternal and true charity. But, within the truth of His doctrine, not with heretical reforms or with diabolical, satanic modernisms or with a bitter rebelliousness pretending it is traditionalism.

In the matter of doctrine and holy customs, Christ and His true Church alone have a truth and this is that it is necessary to continue faithful until the end. What strays from this is a deviation.

Therefore, this "poor portavoz," less useful each day due to the prostration into which my precarious health puts me, again exhorts you to preserve virtue and moderation in this whirlpool of evils and extremisms, just as our most Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, has been exhorting us, too, and whose words are published in much of the press.

Although with respect to this, I, too, must emphasize: not everything published by the press is exact, nor is everything our most Holy Father says in public or in private at times what he would like to say to us; because it is now common knowledge that he is under pressure. That is why Our Lord orders us: "Free My beloved Vicar from his enemies," and now He has said: "Do it quickly so he may speak the truth to you. Paul VI has the sentiments as I. He bears in His Heart My ardent charity."

Which is revealing the current, tremendous, situation! "Paul VI suffers. Do not leave him alone in his prison!"

My very dear brothers and sisters in Christ and His Blessed Mother: take steps to obey the voice of Our Lord! Do it, uniting yourselves, all those who truly love virtue and good, for the greater glory of His Divine Majesty Who, very soon, must judge us.

Help the Franciscan Minims of the Perpetual Help of Mary, the House of Atonement, who live in the Vergel of the Immaculate Virgin of Guadalupe, because that is the Work of Atonement, the religious Order that must be established soon and spread throughout the entire world for the salvation of everyone.

This is prophesied by several seers from different countries; the first here in our Mexican nation and later in LaSalette, in Lourdes, in Fatima. . .

And now what Our Lord and His Blessed Mother have come saying to this poor portavoz since she was a child coincides as well with other brothers and sisters to whom His Divine Majesty is confiding similarly, speaking to them of this Work, the most beloved of His Heart, that must observe strict and holy rules so all those who have gone astray may return to the right path.

Pay attention, therefore to these messages! I beg you for the love of God, for Christ Crucified, for His Blessed Mother and our Mother, the Virgin overwhelmed by grief.

And I promise you that, when my beloved Spouse takes me from this exile, I will not cease for one moment, until the end of the world, to be with all of you, helping you as much as God permits me.

Your poor sister, the Portavoz of Jesus in Mexico


MARCH 18, 1970

On Wednesday, March 18, 1970 at nine-thirty in the morning, on receiving Communion during Holy Mass in our little Chapel, I heard these words from Jesus:

"Tell the world, My spouse to prepare for this Easter, because in it I will give you My last message.

"Meanwhile, bow your heads before your God, do penance and meditate on all My words, because you will have to give a strict account of all of them."

The "poor Portavoz of Jesus."