JANUARY 21, 1970

Message given at 7:00 a.m. on January 21, 1970.

This time Jesus came; I did not see Him, but I heard Him clearly while I was doing our chores that we do in great silence. He has said this to me:

"One alone is My Vicar on earth, the successor of Peter. Let them recognize Paul VI as My Vicar. Let them free him from his enemies and obey him!

"Let them not have worldly ambitions for ruling My Church. Let them seek solely My Kingdom and My Justice, that is, to guide souls toward the truth of My doctrine in all its integrity.

"And let the definitions that have been made in other centuries and that have been approved not be abrogated or changed. Let Paul VI speak the truth to the face of the world and confess that they have pressured him and obliged him to many current definitions that he has not accepted in his heart.

"Free My Vicar, Paul VI, by prudent means and without resorting to force nor much less to the shedding of blood!

"My little children, understand My will: that you love one another. But that you love one another in Me and in My Heavenly Father. Without personal or worldly ambitions, but seeking in everything to fulfill the glory of My Father and leaving in My hands My inheritance: you, My redeemed.

"Proclaim My Blessed Mother Patroness of the Chair of Peter in Her invocation of Perpetual Help! Carry Her image throughout the world as a bond of union among nations! Ask this of My legitimate Vicar, Paul VI! I have already told you that away from this path you will not be able to save yourselves from your enemies. Through Mary and with Her the Apostolic, Roman Catholic Church will triumph under My Cross.

"Paul VI in his soul has the same sentiments as Mine. He bears in his heart My ardent charity. He is the only one and no one outside his group will be blessed and cursed is he that is against him.

"But he must be united to My Blessed Mother in Her invocation of Perpetual Help and establish as soon as possible My Work of Atonement. Again I say to you: raise a clamor before him, a great clamor, before him, before Paul VI!

"Take him away from among his enemies. Let you who want to be faithful to My doctrine be the ones who liberate him and let him speak to the world the truth he has known in his long martyrdom. And I will be with him and I will give him the palm he deserves. Go, then, in search of your pastor. He is Paul VI. And no other. Do not let yourselves be deceived by false pastors.

"Obey Me, My little children. Give Me this proof of fidelity and of faith. No one outside the group of My legitimate Vicar will be able to please Me. If you do not pay attention to Me, soon I will denounce you before the face of all with angelic voices that will resound in the ears of your brothers and sisters.

"Paul VI suffers! Do not leave him alone in his prison. Go in search of him, take him to a safe place where he can speak freely, according to the motion and light of My Spirit, and you will see that he is faithful to My doctrine and that his soul overflows with charity emanating from My Heart."

This happened to me today, January 21, 1970, about seven in the morning. Later, about 8:45, the community was in the reading hour and I went to the Tabernacle and said to Our Lord:

"Who are Your enemies, Lord, or rather, the enemies of Your Vicar, the Pope?"

I asked it of Him with such anguish! Because yesterday we received terrible news from some persons who declare that the true pope is another one who lives hidden in the south of France and goes by the name of Clement XV and that the election of His Holiness Paul VI was illegally done.

And, certainly, this news upset me, or rather, afflicted me. That is why I asked Out Lord while in front of the Tabernacle and I asked Him, filled with anguish, to deign to reveal his enemies and the enemies of His true Vicar.

And, because these persons who stated the false news about the false pope, Clement XV, said they adhered to the traditionalism of the Church, that is why my question was answered very clearly by Our Lord. He said to me:

"There are those among the progressivists, but also those among the so-called traditionalists. Beware of them!"

And still I asked Him and said to Him: "How will we know them, Jesus?"

And He deigned to reply to me, referring to the characteristics of the good. He said to me:

"Those who are authentically devoted to My Holy Church and to My Vicar, Paul VI."

With this response so categorical I was filled with tranquility and joy, because I have other authentic proofs from the intimate depths of my conscience that our most Holy Father, Paul VI, is very much loved by Jesus. Because His Holiness scarcely ascended the throne when God Our Lord, with a provident hand, took all the things of the Work of Atonement to the hands of the Supreme Pastor, something that never in all my life had been able to be realized. That is why, on hearing this reply of my Jesus in favor His Holiness Paul VI, I repeat, I was completely at peace.

Immediately Our Lord continued speaking to me, with a voice almost imperious, but at the same time, pleading:

"Free him, so you may hear the truth from his mouth! And do it quickly!"

And I said to Him then: "Lord, we are afraid, we are in darkness; give us Your light so we do not make a mistake."

To which He replied to me:

"Be simple as you invite the ones and the others to My path of truth."

And still I said to Him: "And if they betray us?"

And He replied to me:

"I will reward your efforts. Hope for everything from Me, as long as you are upright and simple. I love everyone, My daughter, even My enemies and I want to draw everyone to Me. Give Me this effort, above all, of overcoming your pride, inviting everyone to correct himself in My doctrine, and to make of My Church what My Church ought to be!"