I want to make an exhortation to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, in the first place to all those who are already united with me in groups of prayer and atonement, so they may help me to give thanks to the Lord because He has deigned to choose me as His Portavoz. Surely, this grace has been given to me as a privilege for all of you, for I hope in His promise that soon He will take me from the earth, as I long for it intensely.

I exhort all of you in His name as well to pay attention to this repeated invitation He is making and try to "raise a universal clamor to the Holy Father," a clamor that should be initiated, as I believe it is already under way here in Mexico, because it has been the place chosen by Him and His Blessed Mother. Because, since my childhood, He has been coming to me repeating: "Mexico and Rome will be closely united," and He gives as the reason, He says, that it is because She, our Blessed Mother, has chosen this country to build Her Shrine of Guadalupe, where the Order of Atonement must be canonically erected.

This religious order, that is to be the precursor of the Second and the Third Comings of Him, our King, our Master and Redeemer, the same one Who is to be our Judge.

And we must respond completely to all He has disposed for this Work, that is: that it must have as its Patroness the Virgin Mary, in Her invocation of Perpetual Help, although adding to the shield of each country on the back, the image of Mary in whatever invocation She is their national Patroness. Because that is expressly the will of God and of the Blessed Virgin.

And, although I am very insignificant, He has deigned by means of me to dictate the Holy Constitutions for that religious Order that must dedicate itself universally to preaching without pay throughout the whole world, exempt from diocesan authority and depending solely on the Pontiff. This is done so that no one will prevent the spreading of their preaching and the errors of the devil will be attacked and thus may be realized the divine plan that "all may be one flock under one shepherd." That is, that we all may be Catholics well instructed in our doctrine in all its integrity and we may be subject to the Pope, the legitimate successor of Peter and, through him, to the prelates who remain faithful to the faith and the traditional customs of the Church.

We must not only flee from false pastors, but help our brothers and sisters to reconsider and return to the truth, attracting them not only by means of the word that teaches them that truth, but especially being virtuous, inasmuch as we are able.

Let women dress modestly! Let them make up their minds to set the example, let them not go about in lamentable mediocrity, let them not follow the unwholesome and diabolical norms that fashion has imposed on them! Let them give good example, conforming to the morality and modesty given by the example of the Blessed Virgin, that is, let them dress thinking how Mary would dress if She were to come and live among us again.

And thus let all of us follow the examples of the Holy Family: the children like Jesus, the women like Mary and the men like the virginal Joseph.

This is what Our Lord wants in order to shed His divine graces over humanity to save it from the chaos in which we are about to fall, its imminence terribly close.

Well then, this poor Portavoz, who is littler than all of you, exhorts you and invites you to give to Christ all that He has been asking of us with so much patience, because I was thinking that He had already abandoned us, as He stated in one of the messages from last year (December 25, 1969).