NOVEMBER 12, 1969

Jesus began it on Wednesday, November 12, 1969 at eight in the morning.

I was in our cell, very battered physically because in these last few days, by the permission of God, the devil has beaten me, thrown me around and mistreated me as he did frequently when I was a little girl and even in my teens. But now that I am of an advanced age, I have suffered it a great deal in my body.

But I bless my God for all of this because I know very well that He draws good from all evils and, when He is going to give us great things, He first purifies us. And so the devil, the fool, is deceived, thinking they permit him to do his tricks, causing us harm, but everything is for the exercise of our patience and for greater good in everything. May God be blessed for it.

Well, when Jesus came to me now, He came silently and said to me:

"I am going to dictate many messages to you so they may be published this Christmas."

I bless the Lord because I have the magazine, "Estrella," to send these things immediately. I see the hand of God in this precisely, providing an appropriate way for His words to be published. It is precisely due to His Providence and human efforts that have been made to have this magazine now at His disposal. May He be blessed, one and thousand times! Blessed be all the Trinity that prepares the way for Christ, the Son of God!

The poor "Portavoz of Jesus"

"Tell all of them in general, My spouse, that the ‘Star of their Life’ is My doctrine. By observing it, they will not have darkness in their hearts nor in their understanding to resolve every concrete problem.

"I pour My spirit over all humanity; but. . .oh grief!. . .very few hasten to open the doors of their soul and of their understanding to receive it. And My Spirit has to withdraw into itself in its Trinity of Divine Persons and wait until someone well disposed has recourse to Me.

"That is why I have told you so often: Come to Me, all of you! All! All should come to Me if they want to be relieved of the heavy burdens of their nature, fallen through sin.

"But, to come to Me means:

"To recognize Me as their God, their Redeemer and their Master. Therefore, it is to accept and keep My doctrine: the ten Commandments I gave to Moses and those that I preached personally during My mortal life; and those that My faithful disciples in My Holy Church – which is the only one: the Apostolic Roman Catholic with My beloved Vicar at its head – have defined and approved.

"All those who have tried and are trying at present to distort My doctrine and reform My Church are false pastors. Withdraw from them!

"Tell all of them, My spouse. Shout louder! Louder still! That is, let everything I am going to dictate to you now be spread in the magazine, ‘Estrella,’ and from it let all those who wish to please Me and offer Me a gift this Christmas, spread it. And I will reward them for their fidelity.

"Do not struggle with them, do not argue, but withdraw from them and come to Me.

"Let sinners come.

"Let those who waver in their faith come.

"Let those are tempted come.

"Let the lustful repent.

"Let the vicious come to Me and confess their sins.

"Let the incredulous approach to hear My doctrine. But let them be taught My doctrine without changes, without mutilations, without distortions.

"Let them recognize Me as the Christ, the One sent by the Father.

"Let all of them obey My beloved Vicar, the Pope.

"Let My enemies and the enemies of My Church come to Me and confess their crimes, before My angels in the atmosphere reveal them before all their brothers and I come to unmask them. Let them repent and come to Me.

"But, do they know what it is to come to Me?

"To come to Me is to believe in My Incarnation.

"To come to Me is to believe in the purity of My Blessed Mother, Mary, and to confess that She was conceived immaculate, without original sin.

"To come to Me is to believe in the chastity of My adoptive father, St. Joseph.

"To come to Me is to confess humbly that My doctrine is holy and does not need reforms. That My Church is divine and everyone should come into her bosom if they want to be saved eternally and confess the royalty that glows through Me, from Peter to My current Vicar, Paul VI.

"Let them obey him! Let them not put pressure on him nor demand reforms for My Church from him.

"My Church is holy and I remain in it, even though there should be in it only one man who knows how to keep My doctrine in all its integrity. My Church has rules of life to which all must subject themselves with humble submission.

"Demagoguery, guile, error and falsehood are the tools of all those so-called sociological techniques proposed by innovators who fight to supplant My doctrine and My Church.

"All of them are cloaked in satanic evil that his spirit has infiltrated in them.

"I reveal the truth to you because I love you, to help you free yourself from him.

"But if they persist in letting themselves be carried away by his guile because he flatters their passions, I will let them fall into his wicked snares. And they will fall very soon. Because all those who try to surpass God will be flung into the infernal abysses where lies and dissipation reign and where there is weeping and the gnashing of teeth for all eternity.

"But now, I still invite you all: Come to Me! Come to Me, all of you!

"Come, repentant and contrite, making efforts to overcome the wicked tendencies of your passions and of the seductions the world, the flesh and the devil present to you, just as he did one day in Paradise to your first parents.

"When I invite you to come to Me it is with the spirit of changing your evil life, your vices, your sins of incredulity and malice, of the refined comforts with which you have surrounded your human life each day.

"Because human beings precisely are those who should supernaturalize their actions, imitating Me when I became human for, from the first moment to the last of that life, I sought sacrifice, poverty, humility, discomfort in everything. That is why I was born on a winter night in the midst of ice and over the straws of a manger for animals to offer My Father the reparatory and propitious sacrifice that would pay Divine Justice for your sins. All of you, therefore, are obliged to imitate Me. For that is why I came down to you, making Myself similar to you in everything (except sin).

"And My Blessed Mother, Most Pure, Immaculate, lived always exactly as I did. And My adoptive Father, most chaste, most humble, the worthy custodian of My Mother lived the same way, to give you an example.

"My Mother lived in constant adoration. She could have sinned and did not sin. My father, Joseph, the same. But both were found worthy of receiving the Divine Word Incarnate to care for Him under their guidance and love.

"This is the best portrait of real life that can be presented as an example to Christian families.

"Proclaim it, My spouse, this Christmas! Tell them it is My message so they may meditate on it and imitate it and make it a reality. Christian life is lacking in families!

"My spouse, tell young people what true love is.

"Tell them to approach Me, and in silence and with faith in My Eucharistic presence, let them ask Me to reveal to them the secret of the happiness of the human heart, in this life and in eternity.

"Reveal to them, My spouse, how happy My love has made you! And that there is no love that will make them happy if it is not grafted onto My love!

"Now, continue transcribing your book of intimacies, ‘The Best Love,’ for young people."