DECEMBER 16, 1969


Begun on Tuesday, December 16, 1969 at 8:00 a.m.

"Stop! Yes! Stop for a moment and consider, all you who wander through human life without a star to illuminate your path in a clear and certain manner. . .stop!

"You are mistaken!

"All of you who groan from the depths of your heart but whose pride impedes you from being humiliated by your miserable condition. . .stop! Come to Me! I have come to earth to show you the sure path to salvation: the cross.

"The cross, embraced for My love; this alone will save you.

"Reject all other false doctrines! Because all of them, other than Mine, will lead you to eternal perdition and, even in this life, will precipitate you into a chaos of bitterness, of despair, of satanic hate and will make you rebel against Me.

"Study the scriptures. Everything about eternal truth I left you in My Gospel.

"Why are you fools and why do you not want to believe Me now, when I speak to you by means of My humble chosen ones? Because you are proud! That is why you reject My messages. Because you do not want to admit that I make use of those of no value, to confound the powerful!

"Believe the Messages of My Blessed Mother, from the first to the last!

"Which ones are they? Those She gave by means of your little brother, Juan Diego, on Tepeyac. Those She gave to a humble little converted nun of the Religious of St. Jerome. Those She gave in France, Lourdes, LaSalette, Fatima, and recently in Garabandal. Why do you not believe them?

"My little children, I repeat to you again: believe My messages that I am sending to you now through My little Portavoz and those My Blessed Mother and My angels have transmitted to you in different parts of the world.

"And prepare yourselves to believe what I will continue sending by means of those who least deserve it, because, by believing them, you practice an act of humility and you honor Me. Do not forget that I bless My Father because He hides His secrets from the great ones and reveals them to the little ones, because thus it pleases Him and I, your Master, your Redeemer, your Brother, find all my joy in fulfilling the will of My Father Who has sent Me among you.

"Now I ask you: as I have already told you, raise up a general clamor before My beloved Vicar, Paul VI, asking him to establish as soon as possible the Order of Atonement of the Franciscan Minim nuns of the Perpetual Help in the Basilica of My Blessed Mother of Guadalupe in Mexico and in Rome the masculine branch of the missionaries of this Order of Mine, the most beloved of My Heart. When this Order is established many nuns of the Rule of My servant, Francis of Assisi, must affiliate with it; those who aspire to a perfect observance of evangelical poverty.

"When this Order is founded, the third branch for lay people should be established from it so that all may work to extend atonement universally. My little Portavoz will show My Vicar the rules I have dictated to her many years ago and that she keeps in her heart, like a sword of sorrow that consumes her because My plans are being obstructed by the delay of the establishment of My Order of Atonement.

"This is the star of your life. This message is for everyone, regardless of race or nation! You should all unite under the shield of My Order of Atonement, taking to everyone the good news of this Order that is necessary to prepare the way for My second visible coming among you for a short period of time to teach you once more, with patience, with mercy and love, the spirit of which you must be if you want to be happy with Me eternally.

"My little children, this is the only truth! Why do you not believe Me?

"Stop sinning.

"Do penance.

"Observe My doctrine.

"And withdraw from false pastors, those who preach doctrines contrary to Mine and to those of My first Apostles.

"Follow the star that will guide you unerringly toward your Savior and Master, who will soon be your Judge!

"Because you are My inheritance."

What comment could we make about this text so explicit in favor of the Work of Atonement, that we, unworthy, have carried out almost 28 years since it was started and we feel grief for having done almost nothing? Nothing but suffer and bury yourselves in suffering, in littleness, in the cross of persecution and of scorn! What comment could we make?

We feel overwhelmed but at the same time encouraged by hope in God, for now He Himself sees the cooperation of all our brothers and sisters of good will who, blessed be God!, are now arising all over the world and now live spiritually united to us by means of prayer and atonement groups!

But on this occasion we exhort all those who feel themselves called by God to collaborate more directly, to fling themselves valiantly at the path of holy realities Jesus is asking.

Certainly we are astonished and can do no more than exclaim with the Psalmist: "Magnus Dominus Noster!" (Psalm 146)


While I was at Holy Mass in the Church of St. Francis (on Madero St. of this capital city), on receiving Communion, I heard physically the sobs of Jesus Who was weeping. I asked why He was weeping like and if He wanted to give us another message and he responded very sadly:

"What for? I have said enough to all of you and they pay no attention to Me!"

Ah, this was terrible for me! I was sick for several days of that grief and I thought that now He would not say one more word to us. But now the hope that He will save us has returned to my heart. But, let us give Him what He has been asking of us and let us start as He now says "by humiliating ourselves," that is, practicing acts of humility to please His Heart, for He has asked for that clearly, telling us: "Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of Heart."

So be it, and may it all be for the glory of God!