SEPTEMBER 29, 1969

On this day, Monday, September 29, 1969, I have received a new "message" from my Jesus, who ordered me to write it, saying:

"Tell the entire world."

So, I obey once more, because that is why I have been sent by Him to be His "portavoz." I hope this message reaches hearts and not just physical ears; and that it doesnít arouse curiosity or any other vain thing other than obedience to the voice of God.

I am going to explain how it happened to me this time. These last few days I have had a great frustration of spirit and almost always these spiritual states are a forewarning of some visit of the Lord. Yesterday, above all, I was suffering a great deal, even physically, because of my poor health, and, on the other hand, because of an ardent zeal that our God will be heeded in His repeated calls to each one of us to amend our lives.

Some persons came to make an offer to me because they wanted to help in some way to publish the words I have from Our Lord since childhood, because time has been passing and I have not been able to publish them. But I told them it was not going to be possible to do that quickly because it is also the will of my Jesus that I, personally, be the one who makes a clean copy of these notes I keep from other times.

Last night I retired in our cell completely exhausted and weary. I slept very poorly and in the morning, before five, I awoke feeling ill. I tried to go back to sleep a little until the bell should ring, but Jesus let me hear His voice physically:

"Get up, little one, because I want to dictate something to you."

I wanted to kneel at the typewriter to listen, but He said to me:

"Not right now."

So I got up and went about my ordinary chores, in silence as is customary in our community. When, after the bell, I got ready to eat in our cell, He came close to me again. I say, close, because I sensed Him although I did not see Him and He began to dictate to me.

This time Jesus was speaking to me very solemnly. First He said to me:

"Tell the entire world: your salvation is in uniting yourselves to the Work of Atonement, the most beloved Work of My Heart. "

Then He kept silence. Meanwhile I was asking Him to explain to me in what form people should do this, for they ask this question frequently, and then He added what follows in the message:

"In it you will find the weapons with which to defeat your enemies."

And He was silent again. I was as though possessed of a light that made me understand perfectly what He was dictating to me, that is, before He said the following to me, I felt it intuitively. Thatís how it was when He told me (the form by which people can unite themselves to the Work of Atonement is:)

"Imitating and living the shield I have given to you.

"Consecrating themselves: to My Heart, promising Me to be meek and humble; to that of My Blessed Mother, Who is Perpetual Help to those who invoke Her; to My foster father, imitating his virtues as a humble and silent guardian of the family; to My servant, Francis, seraphic in love, intrepid leader in the battle against the world, the flesh and the devil, lover of holy poverty, humble, sweet and charitable with his brothers, penitent and a lover of prayer."

Here Jesus was silent again. And meanwhile I had the insight to think of and compare these words with others, more or less similar, that precisely yesterday I thought of, but I did not attribute them to revelation. And now I see how true is what St. Paul says: that not one good thought we have is ours, but that it comes from the Spirit of God.

Then Jesus reminded me of other words of His from many years ago and He repeated them to me now:

"In vain will you all be able to save yourselves by any other way."

Then He added:

"Reinforce the ranks of the souls consecrated to Divine Justice for love of charity in union with me!"

According to what I have been taught of this doctrine since so many years ago, what Jesus says means that He is exhorting souls to give themselves to the Legion of Victims, offering themselves spontaneously and voluntarily with generosity. And, of course, all those persons who, in one way or another, see themselves as though blocked because they are destined to carry heavy crosses can do this. Our Lord wants to tell them: that they yield themselves to suffering to rescue our neighbors from evil paths and thus bring them, by reparation and atonement, to repentance.

Then Our Lord continued saying to me:

"It is I Who speak, your Redeemer and Master! Withdraw from false pastors and prophets! I repeat it to you now; I will not repeat it many more times. Flee the doctrines that are opposed to Mine! Be firm in the faith and in holy traditions! But do not try to defend them with violent movement. My Kingdom is not of this world!

"Be perfect as your Heavenly Father! If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me before you; if it persecutes you, it first persecuted Me. How fortunate you will be if you know how to suffer with patience your being sacrificed, if you offer your lives as I offered Mine for all of you. Do not return evil for evil.

"I repeat it to you: be faithful imitators of Me and of the models that the coat of arms of My Work of Atonement offers to you and only in that way will you be able to offer worthy service to My Church, the kingdom of peace and of holy justice.

"Preach this doctrine and teach it by example and I will be with you from now until eternity and you will possess the Kingdom of Heaven and you will obtain the conversion of the obstinate.

"I cannot be with those who contaminate themselves with sin: not hatred, not revenge, not wars, not riots, not worldliness, not attachment to the wealth of this world. Lay up treasures in Heaven! Help Me to rescue from vices your brothers and sisters lost in errors and false doctrines! But, with meekness and good example. Teach them the truth, so they return like the prodigal son of My parable and do penance.

"Raise a clamor before My Vicar so he might establish My Order of Atonement! Because otherwise there will be many who will be lost eternally. Do not be sluggish of heart!"

Here Our Lord was silent again and I was crying and I could not see the paper and I felt my heart oppressed with grief. Then He, after a while, continued:

"I want to have patience a little longer. . .My Heart awaits you! Watch and pray! Be prepared! Think how I have rescued you with My Blood and, for you, I remain as a Victim in the Tabernacles. But time presses and you do very little of the part that pertains to you, without which you cannot come to Heaven to live eternally in the love of the Father! Truly love one another!"

And Jesus again made a long pause, then He continued:

"Insist: Pay attention to My words, those I have told you, above all, in the New Testament and all the private revelations in accord with My doctrine! Reject false doctrines! Be united with My Vicar! Defend My vicar from the wiles of his enemies, not with vengeance nor with firearms nor with internal divisions, but inviting the enemies to peace and to the unification of My doctrine!

"Be ready to be sacrificed, but not to sacrifice your brothers and sisters! Because fratricides do not enter My Kingdom. Do not fear those who kill the body and cannot kill the soul. Fear those who snatch eternal salvation from you. Be good as your Heavenly Father is!

"Await My coming in prayer and penance and I will reward you exceedingly as I have promised you! Do works that will attain the miracle that these times be abbreviated! Heed My messages. Do not be incredulous, but faithful! Again I tell you: Stop sinning, and do penance and pray, atone to Divine Justice!"

Amen. Jesus made me say this last word, that is, He did not say it, I did, but moved by Him. This is something that has happened to me on other occasions.

All this ended at 8:15 in the morning.

We believe itís unnecessary to make any comment on the theme of this message, that is nothing but a repetition of earlier ones.

But now the words Our Lord uses with us are touching, at times exhorting us with meekness and patience, at times with a certain very justified violence, if we consider the scanty amendment for sins for which we suffer at the present time, as He has indicated so many times.

Precisely now we suffer not from paganism, but, on the one hand, from the brutish lack of restraint of passions, and on the other, from the profanation of places, objects and persons consecrated to the divine service that goes still farther because of the distortions they want to give even to the sound primitive doctrine of the Church. . .!

And finally, the lukewarmness of the majority of us Catholics who do not grieve in conscience at the abyss of perdition into which our brothers and sisters are sliding. We lack the generosity needed to surrender ourselves to the cross.

The entire content of this message is summarized in this: we must offer our sacrifices and immolate ourselves with Christ for the sake of our brothers and sisters.