At seven in the morning. On this great day I was in the kitchen from five in the morning, busy as usual and a little upset because I received sad news from the House of Atonement that "Estrella" for July has not yet been printed. That issue in particular was considered more timely than others because it is to present to our brothers and sisters a report of the journey of Mother Zúñiga and other articles as well. This has had me sad and upset for several days, although I was battling within myself not to lose my tranquility and spiritual peace.

And because my health is getting worse, I have been dispensed from going to choir to sing the praises of the Lord. This morning the sisters went to the choir and I remained in the kitchen, united spiritually to their praises on this very great day when the glorious Assumption of Our Blessed Mother into Heaven, body and soul, is commemorated. As I said, I was feeling sad when, suddenly, I heard, within my soul, the voice of my Jesus, Who said to me:

"Let nothing upset you, My spouse."

On hearing that He called me, "spouse," something He doesn’t always say to me, great happiness overwhelmed me, because He calls me by a variety of names, but He well knows this one pleases me immensely. So I said to Him, "Ah, Jesus, my beloved Spouse! Forgive me if still, after so many years of our nuptials of love, I always seek my own will. But You know, in the depths of my soul, I abandon myself to Your divine will."

With that I remained in peace. But then I continued hearing His voice, not physically, but spiritually, saying to me:

"I am pleased to see you converted into a simple servant of My house, for thus you occupy the first place that pertains to you. Remember that I did it that way. By doing so what I said is fulfilled in you: ‘Let him that is the leader [become] as he that serveth,’ and also, ‘The first shall be last.’ "

With these new expressions of Jesus I felt such great happiness that I had to make a great effort not to break out in exclamations and loud noises because of the happiness that invaded me. So much so that scarcely had I finished my chores and the community left the choir and gone to the refectory when I went to the Chapel. But on getting here (where I am writing these notes) Jesus said to me, but now with a voice I could hear physically and that came from the Tabernacle:

"You will have to write something that will be dictated to you."

I went quickly and here I am before the Tabernacle with what I need to write. But the voice I am hearing now is not that of Jesus; it is that of My Mother from Heaven and She says to me:

"My daughter, tell everyone quickly! Tell them to heed the messages of My Son and Mine. For those who have not believed them wound My Heart and that of Jesus, their firstborn Brother, immensely. Tell them I am the Mother of all of them. That is why the Church calls me the Mother of Fair Love and of Holy Hope. Come to Me, all of you. Tell them, My daughter, that I want to save them all and take them to Heaven.

"Let the world know quickly of the mystery of the Armistices of the Ascension of My Jesus and of My Assumption! On that most fortunate day of My flight to Heaven I was borne by Him and the angels surrounded Me and many souls followed Me. But as I am the Mother of God, I am also Mother of the Church. And the Church has three groups: the militant here on earth, the one being purified in Purgatory and the glorious one in Heaven, where we will all be reunited one day."

As Our Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me many years ago, the Armistice consists in that those of the Church militant who die during those festivities – that includes the period from the vigil through the octave – will not be condemned. It will suffice if, at the hour of death, they make an act of contrition, but if they do not so and die suddenly, they will go to Purgatory and their sins will be forgiven them in honor of the entry into Heaven of the glorious humanity of Christ and of His Blessed Mother.

"Write, daughter. People should not go to seek Me in Garabandal, because many are not inspired by the right spirit and I flee from places where the evil spirit is infiltrated. I, your Mother, watch over all human beings, because all of you, daughter, are My children by human inheritance. Tell them, then, to recollect themselves in their houses to pray. The more recollected they live and the more they leave the hubbub of the world, the more I will manifest myself to them there.

"Tell them not to seek the sensational with vain curiosity. Rather, let them hide themselves from worldly sensation. This message is for those who believe in My apparitions; but let them seek no warning other than the one My Son gave them by means of you in this Lent. Let them seek to gain the grace of the miracle! And this will be attained, as My Son has told them, with virtue, prayer and penance; as My first children did when I was living here below in My mortal body with them, for we hid ourselves to pray.

"But first they should cleanse their souls of sin, confess their sins with sincerity and contrition, and stay in the state of grace so they may receive My Son in Communion, for He longs to give Himself to all, to all!

"He and I want you all to fight as Michael and his angels are doing against your enemies who are the fallen angels who now have, according to the divine plan, permission to test humans. You, My children, must fight, too, withdrawing from false pastors and prophets.

"Insist, daughter, on telling women to be modest and to leave indecency in dress, in morals, in words and in thoughts. If they do not, on the last day I will not be able to obtain for them the grace of repentance. But now, yes, if they obey Me and obey My Son and His Vicar, they will obtain it.

"But insist before the Vicar of My Son that he heed the messages and inspirations We are giving him, if he does not want to fall from the most exalted grace that is decreed for him, precisely for him at this time.

"My daughter, transcribe insistently all you have received since childhood, so it may be known to the ends of the earth.

"And now, write for the young girls you love so much and for whom you have offered yourself in ransom. Tell them, daughter, to stop dressing immodestly or I will not be able to recognize them as My daughters on the last day. But they must do this quickly!

"Tell the women who have been perverted by the sin of impurity that I can still receive them and obtain very great graces from Our God Who is Love.