"While My Son is a Victim everyone can obtain forgiveness and be privileged with the exalted vocation of Divine Love, even though they may have sinned a great deal. Tell them not to seek low and filthy things. Let them live a human life, that is, the spiritual prevailing over the corrupt and carnal.

"Very few people now have the vocation to Matrimony according to the divine plans because they have made evil use of it. Let them consecrate themselves to Divine Love – many of them, men and women! And you, show them how happy is the person who overcomes the flesh and lives here below like the angels. That is how My Jesus lived, and My chaste spouse, Joseph, and I lived that way, too, always; without staining our souls or our bodies.

"Because My Son cannot live among carnal men. He loves purity. And, although He gave the human being the right to love and to human pleasures, because, from the beginning, the first matrimonial couple sinned, that right was converted into a negative for men and it is licit to use it solely under the moral norms of the law promulgated on Sinai and ratified by the very first laws of the Church, that is, daughter, what the Vicar of My Son calls ‘primitive sources.’ Say it that way, My daughter, repeat this to everyone.

"And the priests who have sinned, who are sinning and who want to continue sinning, let them repent, do penance and they will receive another vocation, also great. Although all those who have stained themselves with the low things of the world and of the flesh, must never celebrate the Holy Mystery of the Mass! They must never do it as long as they live!

"Now I am going to give you a message for My brothers by race and blood, that is, the Jews, My daughter.

"Tell them to make peace with the Church of My Son immediately! Let them obey the Vicar of My Son! Let them believe in My Son, Who is our Savior, our Master, our Redeemer! Who is the Messias! Let them fall on their knees adoring the Blessed Sacrament!'

"Let them atone to Divine Justice, begging forgiveness for their incredulity and their malice. Let them confess to the whole world their great sin of incredulity and their malice for having lived always seeking the vain kingdom of this world and for believing themselves privileged. Let them confess it and be baptized in the Church of My Son, and let them fulfill all the laws of Our God and Lord, Who has turned His eyes toward this little area of the earth, so that quickly, daughter, We may take you all to Heaven, to sing the new canticle, the canticle of the Justice of our God!"


There are many comments that could be made about such a very special message from Heaven like this one when God Our Lord in His infinite kindness permitted His Blessed Mother to come to earth and speak of such maternal things for Her children, about which She Herself said, She "wants to save them all." This expression is an echo of the same desires of the Heart of Christ, often manifested as well. And it is worth noting that this message has coincided with a feast day as beautiful as that of the Assumption of our Mother to Heaven.

In the last words, for example, is seen the maternal solicitude to demolish quickly the obstacles that impede the salvation of all races and all peoples, when She ends, after exhorting Her Jewish race, saying, "so that quickly, daughter, We may take you all to Heaven to sing the new canticle, the canticle of the Justice of Our God." Is that not touching?

But we are going to comment on another point, the one alluding to the virtue of purity.

Our Blessed Mother does not exclude anyone concerning this virtue. She begins by exhorting young people so they correct themselves in modesty. She continues alluding to women who have fallen into the vice of impurity. Then She alludes to the matrimonial vocation, emphasizing that "very few persons have it now according to the divine plans," which means many couples marry only for carnal pleasure.

Then the Divine Lady exhorts all of us to practice the angelic virtue and deigns to relate to us that Her Son, Her chaste Spouse and She Herself always lived like that. This is as if to say to us: chastity is possible! And finally She says, "My son cannot live among carnal people. He loves purity."

Truthfully, after Christ came to earth and, by His example and His doctrine, affirmed that with divine grace it is possible for a man to behave like an angel because with God all things are possible, only now has this sane and true doctrine been supplanted by errors as filthy as those of Freud to whom multitudes have become devoted, attracted and flattered in their passions.

And this wave of mud has invaded all areas, even within the Church, with the acceptance of psychoanalysis even in religious communities and seminaries, destroying satanically the doctrine of Our Lord Jesus Christ and that of so many saints of outstanding authority in doctrine and example, from a St. Thomas Aquinas and a Saint Catherine who, as virgins, battled with temptations, like a St. Augustine, converted from all the vices and then elevated to angelic purity as well.

Thomas a Kempis speaks to us of this virtue as something so well known that he dedicates himself to praising it in Chapter 10 of Book III when he says: "They shall experience the most sweet consolation of the Holy Spirit who, for love of Thee, have cast away all carnal delight. They shall gain great freedom of mind, who, for Thy name, enter upon the narrow way and relinquish all worldly care. O sweet and delightful service of God, which makes a man truly free and holy! O sacred state of religious servitude, which makes men equal with the angels, pleasing to God, terrible to the devils, and commendable to all the faithful! O service to be embraced and ever desired, in which we merit the highest good and win that joy that shall endure forever!"

These sacred testimonies demolish the modernists’ theory that the complete man must give a place of preference to the flesh. What’s more, they put forth arguments that justify them in their life as libertines and pretend to be strong, flinging themselves at dangers, despite the fact that each one has the sad experience that "he who seeks danger and does not withdraw from it, will perish in it," according to Wisdom.

The Blessed Virgin just spoke to us saying, "Tell them not to seek low and filthy things. Let them live a human life, that is, the spiritual prevailing over the corrupt and carnal." And our Sweet Mother asks that this be recommended to "all." But She makes special allusion to priests who, She emphasizes, "must never celebrate the Holy Mystery of the Mass!" Terrible, indeed, but thus She has said it. All that is lacking now is that the Holy Father apply the law according to the light of the Holy Ghost.