Monday, at 7:30 a.m.

For several days now many people are writing asking how and in what way they might be cooperators in the Work of Atonement. I confess I have been confused about how to reply to this, in site of the fact that God Our Lord has instructed me in this doctrine since I was very young. Certainly it could be said that you might be able to collaborate in several ways, but the essential thing consists in responding to God Our Lord by the faithful observance of His doctrine. But I could not answer these questions because I lacked exterior silence, for I have had some very exhausting weeks and He made me understand all this and He said to me:

"Do you realize how, to hear My voice, absolute silence is necessary; spiritual, mental and physical concentration? Well then, confess this and tell them it is the first thing they must do: silence in their souls, enter within themselves in prayer. And as I have promised, I will speak to each one. Remember that I know how to speak in many ways. The ordinary way is to the conscience, without the sound of words.

"With regard to a general program of life for those who belong to My Legion of Victims, My Legion of Atonement. . .? Everything, too, is simple and I have already told you: begin by giving up sin.

"This means, My daughter, that they must begin by sacrificing something…this is a cross! Then, continue practicing My doctrine faithfully. . .this, too, is a cross! And end with the last breath of their physical life, also on their personal cross, each one in his state of life, but improving always in overcoming themselves and in the practice of virtues. There is no other way!

"I have repeated this to all of you many times since I came down to earth and made Myself like you to teach you the sure path, without false illusions. You must, then, follow My example and My doctrine. And this is an obligation for all, My daughter. No one can avoid this obligation if he wants to belong to My chosen people.

"And you should not work solely for your sanctification, but for that of your other brothers and sisters, not just teaching them My Law and My Gospel, but offering yourselves in atonement, so Divine Justice may be repaid in you, because, as I have told you several times, this alone is charity!

"In the measure that you are generous, taking upon yourself the sins of others and atoning for them to Divine Justice – in that measure you obtain copious fruit for the eternal kingdom, for My kingdom!

"And, after having done all this, you will not have done more than you were obliged to do from the beginning. It is precisely because humans have forgotten this mission that the world has become perverted. Because the debts are great before My Father and you have left Me alone with the weight of your sins. And if you do not hasten to form My Legion of Atonement, of Victim Souls, eternal perdition awaits the majority of you.

"I have always instructed you in this doctrine. And do you see why you now ask Me the same thing you have learned so well? I have permitted this disturbance in you now so you may tell everyone that they must – begin by the cross, continue with the cross and end on the cross! And there is no cross if free rein is given to a dissipated life and even less, to a soft and indulgent life.

"Besides silence and prayer, the constant spirit of sacrifice is necessary. All the doctrines that want to separate you from the cross, from sacrifice, from recollection and prayer are sophisms.

"Because there is a lack of recollected souls, I cannot give them My inspirations and because they lack this grace, they fall into other misfortunes imposed upon them by the enemies of their salvation: the world with its vanities, the flesh with its passions and the devil with his wiles and deceits. And that is why almost all of them are spiritually weak, mentally confused and weak in resisting any temptation. And thus they fall into impenitence until reaching final impenitence.

"Daughter, reply to them now with this discourse and confess to them the deficiency you have had in these days by being too busy, although this has been in things for My service. But I have let you fall this little bit so, once more, you may have your own experience of the great need there is of silence and prayer in order not to stray from the path of eternal salvation.

"With regard to other methods to increase their understanding about how victim souls should be, you already have what is approved by My beloved son in the ‘Legion of Victim Souls’ and in the ‘Offering to Divine Justice’ in union with Me. All this doctrine is in those pages, as you know, My daughter."

This beautiful message from Christ is corroborating two essential things: one is the need for silence and prayer and the other is the need for sacrifice, for the cross, and for overcoming human nature by supernaturalizing it.

This means that every human victory, every human sacrifice, should be done for the love of God, to submit ourselves to His doctrine and not to the ways of the ancient philosophers who did so for human goals. We must do it for supernatural goals, to attain merit, to please God and to unite ourselves with the merits of Christ, God and man, Who came down from Heaven to teach us by His life, His examples and His doctrine, the sure path to the transcendence of the human being, eternalized in Heaven.

It is moving when Our Lord solemnly declares: "All the doctrines that want to separate you from the cross, from sacrifice, from recollection and prayer are sophisms."

Experienced men, such as Dr. Alexis Carrel, have established scientifically that the human being, if he does not withdraw from the noise of the world and recollect himself in prayer, lives his life incompletely. But it is touching that now Jesus, sends us that message, that advice, that warning, precisely now when the destructive doctrines of progressivism seek to eliminate the Cross from the very Church of the Crucified One!