Our Lord has said to His confidant that He wants us to give Him a Legion of Victim Souls; but most people ask: What is a Legion of Victim Souls? What must you do to offer yourself to Divine Justice?

Ordinarily Justice is feared, and God does not want it to be feared. On the contrary, He ask a devotion of love, of self-yielding and of confidence, because He says, "I am not a bad advocate."

That is, He wants us to go to Him and to yield lovingly to His doing and disposing of us as He wills, trusting that He will not give us what is not suitable for us, although it may be by sending us (what we call punishments) purifications of the soul. In such purifications, it is just and necessary that we have something of grief, of the cross. Because the cross is the only sign of eternal salvation.

It seems as though, through the centuries, we have become accustomed to hearing the phrase that the cross is the sign of salvation, but the devotion we give to that cross we have limited to the external: to adorn a cross of wood or another inert material. No! Christ wants us to be living crosses, nailed with Him on the cross of expiation, because the cooperation of humanity is indispensable for our salvation.

We gain the merit through Christ. But if we do not carry our cross with love, as He carried it, giving us an example, letting the Divine Hand do with us what it wills, offering it from the depths of our souls, what St. Augustine explains will happen: "the same pains and sufferings can carry to Heaven or to Hell." This is what Thomas a Kempis tells us, too: "if you carry it unwillingly, you make it a burden to you, and load yourself the more, and nevertheless you must bear it."

Therefore, offering ourselves voluntarily, in union with Christ, to the cross, as victims to atone for ourselves or for our brothers and sisters, will have as a happy consequence our feeling the reinforcement of divine grace and we will know how to suffer with Christ, to be rewarded as Christ is, because, through Him, we will attain divine mercy and forgiveness.

That is all. That is, in synthesis, the form of that legion of Victim Souls that Christ asks to be offered to His Heavenly Father and thus Divine Just may be repaid for the faults of fallen human beings, constantly trapped in the snares of the sworn enemy of our eternal salvation.

We Minim nuns who have spent all our lives in this Work, called that of Atonement, feel that now the providential intervention of God has come to support our poor efforts.

Certainly, throughout these years we have propagated the devotion of love for and of confidence in Divine Justice and many souls most meritorious for their virtues and even for their ecclesiastical or religious dignity have entered this Legion. But now it seems that God proposes to announce this good news to everyone and for it, we contribute our resources, offering the text of the leaflets that have been published up until now, making use of the new license permitting them to be printed and disseminated.

For that reason we are making an appeal to the generosity of people who may want to take part in it and thus it will be a response to the desire and invitation of His Divine Majesty. On the other hand, we will continue publishing in "Estrella" as much as we are able to for the greater glory of God and the good of all.



I also wish to relate something else to my beloved brothers and sisters.

Whenever I go outside the convent, it happens that I feel great grief when I see ugly immoralities or sins committed openly, such as hatred or ill-will among others, a certain apathy and indifference, that they no longer have charity among themselves, etc., and I recollect myself within my soul and elevate petitions to God and to the Blessed Virgin for everyone.

Thus I have what we might call inspirations, that cannot come from the devil but from God, because the Spirit (of God) dwells in those who are in God. This is a point of faith.

So it was that yesterday I was walking through the city and I felt the presence of Jesus so close to me in everything I did, I felt a longing to recommend to all of you that you wear a little chain with some medal of the Blessed Virgin around your neck and She will save you.

I remember some words from other occasions, when Our Lord said to me:

"If you are devoted to the Blessed Virgin, She will deliver you with benefit from all your dangers.

"If you love Her and spread Her devotion, She will sanctify you.

"If you imitate Her, She will give you Her spirit and you will defeat legions of evil."

Well, my brothers and sisters in Christ and Mary, the Mother of Heaven and earth, the Blessed Virgin is certainly a "great sign" and we should have pious recourse to Her. But let us love Her in truth; let us propagate Her devotion, but, above all, let us imitate Her. Let us wear Her insignia, a medal, a scapular, on our bodies, but especially let us have her pure image engraved in our hearts.

How? By practicing the virtue of the purity in which She excels, but in other virtues, too, we should all be worthy children of such a worthy Mother.

Beginning with this, divine blessings will be shed on us because She is the Mother of Christ, the Daughter of the Father and the Spouse of the Holy Ghost. She is the most beloved among all women, the Blessed Arc of the Living Bread that descended from Heaven: Jesus made flesh in Her womb and later made Bread to dwell among us!

Let us go to the Tabernacle. . .Let us not leave the Divine Guest, Who lives waiting for us for 20 centuries now, alone.

He says there is now very little time for Him to be with us as a Victim. Let us go and offer ourselves with Him to the Heavenly Father to atone to Divine Justice!

Although I am a miserable creature, I exhort you in the name of God. And pray for me, I beg you in a fraternal embrace.

So be it and may it all be for the glory of God!