On May 14th at nine in the morning, as an appendix to the message, I was ordered to send to the Holy Father, Paul VI, Jesus said to me:

"The Order of Atonement is urgent!

"The graces everyone needs will not come until this desire of My Victim Heart is satisfied. I long to come among men, My children, visibly in My Second Coming! To be visible to them and to speak to them clearly about how they should be and how they should defend themselves from the devil.

"This grace is very great and they cannot attain it if the Order of Atonement is not founded in My Church and extended, if the Legion of Victim Souls does not increase, If My Minim missionaries do not go throughout the world preaching and providing services free of charge. . . as I did, My daughter! As I did and gave them the example!"



Following the instructions of Our Lord to the nun, the Portavoz, Rev. Mother María Concepción Zúñiga López went to Rome to take the messages and to take steps related to them concerning the Works of Atonement.

On June 2, 1969, she delivered into the hands of His Holiness, Pope Paul VI, a portfolio with all the documentation.



Truly it is wonderful to find in these words from Heaven that His Divine Majesty exhorts us to universal atonement! It is wonderful for all of us who feel the urgent need for this atonement. But it is more wonderful for us, the Franciscan Minim nuns of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, who have been chosen, without our meriting it, to establish this Work in the Church of God because we, although insignificant, have demonstrated what the Psalmist says: "Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." And thus we have worked almost an entire lifetime and have not done hardly anything; just the groundwork, the groundwork. . .and nothing but the groundwork. But we rejoice in it with all our hearts because every Work needs to have groundwork and how much more deeply must it be dug when the Work must be so much more great!

That is why we have just dug and dug, in sweat and fatigue that, Blessed be God!, will not be sterile; because the grain is dying and the Lord has said, "Unless the grain of what falling into the ground die, itself remaineth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." In such a way that, in this work, is realized what St. John, the brother of this Work, said: "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Well then, we want to explain what many persons frequently ask of us, and more now, because of the publication of these messages: What is the Work of Atonement and how can we collaborate in it? According to the express words of Our Lord, Who asks for it, offering in exchange to give them their reward, especially in Heaven.



As the name implies, the Work of Atonement must be a religious work, world-wide, universal! But it must begin by being erected as a Religious Order, properly speaking. "A new Order," according to the words of Christ, "the Order most beloved of My Heart. The last Order that will be founded in the Church in the world." "The Order that will be the precursor of Christ before His Second Coming."

That is, Our Lord desires that this Order be spread first in the world and thus prepare "the way" for when He will come again among the children of men.

Because, before that epoch a devotion to the love of Divine Justice must be established in the Church militant. Certainly that devotion has not been given to His Divine Majesty until now! Only Christ has done so, from the day of His Incarnation until the present, because He is the lightning rod that receives the purifying discharges of Divine Justice, that seeks a point of contact in the hearts of men.

But when the Order of Atonement is spread and this devotion to the love of Justice is made known, we will have attained before the Divinity the grace that Christ will come again and dwell among us. And He promises He will come again as a teacher before coming as a judge.

So this may become a reality one thing is necessary immediately: union in prayers, some positive collaboration, such as promoting this devotion. How? Disseminating it, sending out the leaflets we have been printing serially since 1944 and that carry several ecclesiastical approbations and even the blessing of His Excellency, the bishop of Chilapa, Guerrero.