The nun, the Portavoz of Our Lord, has sent to "Estrella" that part that can be published of a message she received for His Holiness Paul VI. We insert it below, just as it was received.

The message is from April 23, 1969 at 7:30 in the morning.

Antecedents: For some days I have been receiving from Our Lord several orders, warnings and messages and, with the permission of my spiritual director, I have sent them on so they may be disseminated, in conformance with the divine will.

In the diffusing of these things I have seen that I have not been mistaken, because there have been obvious proofs that it was urgent to do so, because souls have been moved to prayer, to amendment and to penance and have been filled with zeal to spread them.

Thanks to that and Divine Providence His words have reached many places, not only in my country but in other countries and they have been sent to the Pope.

This time, nevertheless, what His Divine Majesty has told me has been exclusively for His Holiness. I am going to describe how it happened this time.

They had come to offer me a very discreet channel by which I could send the messages already published and as many as I wished [to the Pope], by means of a most worthy person who was soon to go to the Vatican. This was Tuesday, April 22, 1969.

I was filled with joy and set about arranging some pages, including having made a tape on that day, the 22nd, to send it to His Holiness, and I had taped it on my knees before the Blessed Sacrament.

But this was not the divine will, and thus He made it clearly known to me.

That is why yesterday when I was in our cell He came to me and made me feel His presence. This time I did not see Him, but I heard Him with my physical ears.

I was kneeling next to our bed and I was about to eat breakfast, because it is the custom in our community that the sick may take their meals in their cells and not in the refectory, if that is necessary for medical treatment.

With this it will be understood why I was in the cell alone and kneeling for, because I am deprived of the grace gained by assisting at community exercises, Our Lord can at least receive something from me by my taking my meals on my knees.

But I could not continue eating breakfast because the voice of my Jesus ordered me: "Write something for My beloved Vicar."

I got up and took the typewriter to the bed and waited for His dictation.

I confess that, within myself, I thought that surely He was going to grant me the grace of sending to the Holy Father everything yesterday, by means of that personal channel some good persons came to offer me, but it was not so, because I realized immediately that the present message was a personal one for His Holiness.

I wrote everything Jesus was dictating to me and when He finished, I felt that He retired in silence, as if He wanted to make it understood that things were pending to be continued later.

But almost immediately my nuns came to give me news of the affairs of the community and it was imperative that I go out to the city. So, before leaving I went to the Tabernacle and said to Him, "Lord, duty obliges me to leave."

Then, like a locution, I heard that He said to me: "See to your duty in peace, daughter, and I will await you at night."

But yesterday was filled with attention to that duty and I was outside the house until nightfall when I returned and then my duty kept me busy as well until one in the morning and I got ready to go to the Chapel, but I heard His voice that said to me: "Rest, sufficient to each day is its own work."

Yesterday, although occupied in the affairs demanded by my duty, everywhere I went I was aware of Jesus. This, indeed, is believable, because, since I am sick and need attention, I did not feel ill as I usually do when I cease attending to this miserable body. Rather, on the contrary, I felt myself filled with physical strength that is no longer natural for me to feel, given the prolonged diets I observe.

And this in spite of the fact that, ordinarily, I need various attentions and, although I attend to myself personally in everything, yesterday I was out until very late without taking medicines, nor those minutes of rest that normally are indispensable to me, and I was not able to eat anything until almost six in the evening. After that I was still busy working in the house until a late hour of the night as I have already said.

I wanted to say that here as a sign that Our Lord gave me that physical energy on this occasion.

On the other hand, all day I heard the echo of His voice as a locution, above all when I was alone for a few moments, whether in a church or on a bus or in any other place I went.

Above all in the church of Porta Coeli (Gate of Heaven) where Our Most Holy Mother of Perpetual Help is venerated I felt very strongly the presence of Heaven and I rejoiced a great deal with almost a certainty that His Divine Majesty is going to grant me, and my Blessed Mother is going to accompany me, until I put the message of this occasion in the hands of our Most Holy Father, for is it especially for him.

Nevertheless, I understood as well yesterday and even more clearly now, that I must select from this message for His Holiness certain things and make them known so the world may be informed of what it is fitting for them according to the plans of God with respect to it, for they are transcendental and pertain to all Christianity, to the "People of God," I may say, to all our brothers and sisters.

Because all of this is disseminated for their good and for the good of everyone, so they may not be in darkness, but in light, so they may recognize the signs of the times in which we live and do not let themselves be seduced by the enemies of the soul: the world, the flesh and the devil.

I would like all our brothers and sisters to whom these things are sent to understand the love and fraternal zeal that impels all of us who busy ourselves in sending out these divine messages, warning and other things and that thus they may be received with the same love and will to transmit them.

Because indolence in such things can become a grave fault of ours before His Divine Majesty, who comes and warns us, because He loves us!

When I came just now to write the preceding, I begged my Jesus that it might be He who moves my hands on the typewriter to write whatever may be His will; just as it is He who moves my will to come to write something of what He dictated to me yesterday, that it may be easily assimilated without lacking in discretion because it is a message exclusively for His Holiness.

Let us hope that soon Jesus Himself may provide us with a channel through which the message may reach the Pope.