"Write for My beloved Vicar:

"My very beloved son, I warn you that I am going to grant you the palm of martyrdom; but first, you will battle a great deal with the enemies of My Church and there you will begin your martyrdom. But, I advise you. . .

1 "to free yourself from those astute men who approach you to propose aggressive movements. My Church is a kingdom of peace, of forgiveness and of holy justice. Although you may have to suffer a great deal of oppression, I will be with you.

2 "Now, I send these counsels with this little one of Mine:

a) "Grant the petitions she has made to you in My name repeatedly. The Order of Atonement is the Work most beloved by My Heart and it will give Me a Legion of Victim Souls who will help Me conquer the world and they will attract everyone to My Church and to My beloved Vicar on earth. This Work must precede My Second Coming, which is near, My most beloved son. Because in this, My Second Coming, I want to establish order in My Church, so upset by diabolical plans that have found collaborators even among My children who I rescued with My Passion and My Blood – seculars and priests.

"I am going to give you very precise warnings, My son, so you may heed them and, meanwhile, prepare your heart because I will go to you very soon to fortify you in this combat."

b) (Paragraph omitted)

c) "Summon My priests who have gone astray as well as bishops and archbishops, cardinals and your secretaries, and speak to them with loyalty to My doctrine, although because of it you may have to suffer torment and death! But let all My sons know the wiles of My enemies so they do not let themselves be seduced."

d) (Paragraph omitted)

e) "Remember, My very beloved son, that you, too, were surprised, before receiving My Spirit together with the Scepter of My Kingdom. And they used your predecessor as an instrument of their plans. It does not matter that you suffer, My son, because He who follows Me, has to come by the way I came to the Father when I descended to earth: only by the Cross does one come to the Kingdom of Heaven!

"Because fallen humanity lost the preternatural graces, now, with Me at their Head, they must reconquer them. All those who yield themselves to My plans of the cross and of sorrow will be blessed for all eternity. And I have chosen you for this great gift.

f) "When you give your life to Me, I will permit an antipope to be introduced; but that will be the epoch when I will come and unmask him and I will annihilate him with the breath of My mouth. You will come with me then to earth.

g) "When I come as Judge in My Third Coming to the earth, you will be at My right, proclaiming My Justice. You will be at the head of all My faithful Vicars! There, at that moment of solemn judgment, it will be seen how some of My Vicars were not loyal and some of these are awaiting that day to leave Purgatory; but others. . .oh, grief!. . .are at the left with the devil.

h) "Try to make order return to My Church, in the integrity of the faith and of moral customs. Govern with My scepter! Do not curb severity, for now it is necessary! And it is preferable to unmask the hypocrites than to leave them in My fields sowing cockle. The time has now come when nothing should be concealed, My son. Fight with Me! For, I am with you! To animate you with My virtue! Because I know your soul, your uprightness, your zeal and your charity! That is why I love you above all My sons!

i) "Because men do not fulfill their duties, because women are neither self-denying nor pious, because children are no longer subject to their elders. . .that is why families have degenerated. Because My consecrated souls are not pure and loyal; because My priests do not want to be humble, pure and mortified; because the bishops do not want to be pastors of souls but salaried; because you have been too indulgent and timid. . .for all this, My most beloved son, the world is headed to its perdition.

j) "If they do not correct themselves and do penance, I will abandon them to their whims until the end. I will deny them the grace of coming among you as Teacher and thus, after a tragic corruption, I will come and fling them all into Hell!

k) paragraph omitted.

l) "But I want to save them all! Obey Me, My son, and see that, above all, My Commandments are kept and establish the ‛Work of Atonement’ in My Church as soon as possible, following in everything the plans that this, My little one, will show you, for I have chosen her as My ‛Portavoz.’ "