But on the following day, Sunday the 14th, when the liturgy of the Mass considers the gospel of the multiplication of the loaves, when Jesus says to His disciples that these people arouse His compassion, I was meditating on this point and I saw the association it had with those lights and those lights were increased in my understanding and I understood all this much more clearly. It was as though that news that was a true revelation and of very elevated theological truths was ratified in me and new insights came to me, like the following:

That when Our Lord comes that way among men, many marvelous things will happen because He must overcome the antichrist who is going to work wonders. But the prodigies of the antichrist, because they are going to be assisted by devils, will be surpassed by the prodigies Our Lord will perform.

For example; I under stood that, because He will come then with His glorious and intangible Body, he will penetrate houses without the need of doors being opened. Then He will cause to be demolished many buildings, houses, even churches that were built through vanity or through other worse sins, on the pretext that they were to be for His service. And He will prefer some humble chapels and poor houses, especially of religious communities, and He will demolish the sumptuous because by doing so He will demonstrate that they were not pleasing to Him.

Because He is going to try to make all of us return to the spirit of the gospel. That is why He said when He was here, "You know not of what spirit you are." That is why He will come to teach us of what spirit all Christians should be; because He calls all of us to perfection, not just some of us. That is why He said and often repeated, "Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect."

Because the lives of many Christians do not seem christian, but pagan, because they surround themselves with so much comfort and gratify their sensuality as pagans do, because the doctrine of the cross has been forgotten and He wants to restore it among His baptized children because He wants everyone to be saved and they cannot be saved if He does not come to make this last effort, so to speak, to teach us and to help us.

And His reserving to Himself the consecrating of His Eucharistic Body to feed us with His Sacrament of Love He will do because He is, as He says, "tired of their having commercialized the Holy Mass." I understood, too that (as He has already told me on many other occasions) by His reserving the distribution of the Eucharist to Himself many sacrilegious Communions will be prevented.

And Jesus will come among us to do all these things because we arouse His compassion.

Then He will reprove us for our having been rebellious in believing His words. Because nothing offends Him as much as incredulity and He wants us to believe not only His words contained in the Holy Bible, but in all the rest when, over the years, He has sent His Blessed Mother and He Himself has come and continues coming to tell us; for He says that, "if they are not contrary to His doctrine, there is no reason not to believe them."

For Our Lord has always complained of this to this poor soul, but I have been able to do no more than work, suffer and offer it to Him so He may make use of it for His own divine purposes. Would to God, then that now the time may have arrived when they believe His warnings, His explanations of some parables, etc.

Because certainly He has always told me that He has pity and compassion on all of us. But He says as well that we do not let Him do with us the good He wants to do, because of our rebelliousness in not believing Him. He has always told me that the sin of incredulity is "the sin against the Holy Ghost," that, if they do not repent of it, they will not be forgiven and He wants to forgive everyone, but first they must repent and do penance.

He has spoken to me in confidence many times of His great love and mercy, telling me that to have mercy on the miserable is precisely the effect of His Justice. But this is related to all sins except that of incredulity.

Because He says the sin of incredulity is the offspring of malice and of pride. It is the diabolical sin, that of Lucifer. And he calls the incredulous the followers of the devil. That is why the Jews have not been able to embrace the faith, because they themselves cursed themselves. But Jesus says that is why He is going to come, to convince all the incredulous, precisely before the Final Judgment takes place.

Because, if the Final Judgment were to come now, "no flesh would be saved," some because of incredulity and others for the other sins of their unbridled passions, the lust that begins with the laxnesss of the unmortified senses, anger, envy, revenge, hatred, etc. He says, though, that nothing offends Him as much as incredulity.

That is why He wants to return among us and this is going to happen soon, because that is how many of His words that are in the Holy Gospel and in the Old Testament will be fulfilled.

For example, He says, "The thoughts of many hearts will be revealed," because when He comes, the very ones found by Him in sin will feel such repentance that they will confess their sins publicly and will be converted. But the obstinate who will not let themselves be saved by Christ in this, His Second Coming, will also be revealed publicly by Him. And that is why itís going to be that almost everyone will no longer want the things of this world, rather everything will be used to serve and adore their God and their Redeemer.

And I understood, too, that this time, just as it is going to be very beautiful for many, is going to be terrible for others. There will be many martyrs then, too, that the wicked will sacrifice, but Jesus will console His own a great deal and the Blessed Virgin, too, will let Herself be seen by many together with Her Divine Son.

I understood that Jesus is, as we are apt to say, weary of our having Him enclosed in Tabernacles without adoring Him or visiting Him, because He remained with us so we could be with Him, adoring Him and listening to His words. There is where He wants silent souls to listen to His voice in the depths of their being. There He waits for us to tell Him, with a great deal of love, with all the love of which we are capable, that we love Him, that is, making true acts of love, but not only saying them with our lips, but with our hearts.




I am going to cite some words from the year 1931. These words are related to a vision in which I saw a great Roman Cross and, above the Cross, a Star, both gilded. On the Star was the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. On the right arm of the Cross, the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and on the left, St. Francis of Assisi.

At the foot of the Cross was an altar with a great column that terminated in the center of the Cross and there, in solemn exposition, was the Most Blessed Sacrament. From the Star fell a most beautiful golden veil that served to cover the Blessed Sacrament.

At the base of the altar was a plaque with this inscription, the words that I heard, and these were Jesusí words: "Through Mary and with Her, the Apostolic Roman Catholic Church will triumph, under the Cross of Christ."

Then I understood that this would be the coat of arms and the motto of the Order of Atonement, adding these other words: "Charity and Immolation."

The meaning was this: that the Work of Atonement, with a great love for charity and reparatory penance, would help to conquer the world at the end of time, but under the aegis of Most Holy Mary, especially honored in the invocation of, "Perpetual Help," for the Heart of Christ desires that the Pope proclaim Her, "Universal Queen and Mother of the Order of Atonement and of the See of Peter."

Later there are many words of Jesus speaking of this same theme that, if God wills, will be published.

Meanwhile, I want to say to my brothers and sisters that, if they truly desire to please God, let them do so by doing penance and withdrawing from the occasions of sin, repenting sincerely, drawing closer to the Sacraments, leaving vices and the world. Because Jesus laments and says He has remained among us, to be visited, loved and received worthily in Communion.

He longs to give Himself to souls, to speak to them, to confide His mystical agonies of love, to do good things for us, to make all of us understand that we are only passing through this life to win Heaven, which is true life and true happiness.

In what remains to be published, most beautiful phrases from the Heart of Christ to the world, little by little will be made known as He permits it. In all such words He does nothing but demonstrate to us His doctrine, truth, His love and He asks us to love, too. May it be for the glory of God!