April 3, 1969

We believe it opportune to tell the readers of this "Extra" of "Estrella," on sending them the message received through private revelation that God Our Lord, in His infinite mercy, deigns to send us by means of a humble nun, the following:

Although we received the message on Tuesday, the first day of this month, for various reasons, occupations, etc. we have not been able to mimeograph it.

Finally yesterday, Wednesday the 2nd, we determined to print it, although suspending other activities proper to our house, especially because we poor Minim nuns, who dedicate ourselves with loving care all year long to attending to groups of young women and to our friends, invariably dedicate Holy Week exclusively to God Our Lord and to our souls, to spiritual exercises, to absolute silence and we cancel all communication with outsiders.

Yesterday, then, in consideration of the importance of this message we have on behalf of Heaven by means of a sister-confidante or "portavoz," we intended not only to print it but also to go out to distribute it.

While we were doing this work, the mimeograph machine broke down. We called the technician at the commercial store where we acquired it and were given the news that their activities had ceased, as was natural, because it was Holy Week. With that, we resigned ourselves to leaving the task until after Easter.

But this morning we just received a little appendix to the message and we went to the mimeograph machine and our amazement was great on seeing it functioned perfectly.

This incident speaks to all of us with proof that all things are in the HANDS OF GOD, even inanimate things. Only man, the creature favored by God, resists his Divine will. Isn’t that sad?



We disseminate as well the image we call the SUN OF DIVINE JUSTICE AND THE EUCHARISTIC HEART OF CHRIST. This symbolic image, according to the volume we have with the assignment of publishing it, was revealed to the same nun and, in her notes, it says, textually:

During those days God granted me the grace that I should look frequently at the Blessed Virgin. I always looked at Her as She is in Her image of Perpetual Help. This time, while contemplating an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, suddenly it was shown to me as that of Perpetual Help, with the Infant in Her arms. Then the Virgin disappeared and I saw only the Infant, silhouetted against the blue background of the mantle of the Blessed Mother.

Then the Infant was converted into a white Host, very large, and the blue of the background was converted into the sky, where some clouds were dispersed and a great sun of flames appeared above, and in the Host, a Heart, not with the cross over the flesh, but nailed to a cross.

Suddenly from the flaming red sun three rays were discharged that terminated in a single one that penetrated the Heart of Jesus through its flesh, emanating then from the wound, like a gentle light that filled the earth with light and flowers: lilies, roses and passion flowers – symbolic of the three virtues: purity, charity and sacrifice.

On the left side alone the earth rose up in blackened mountains, from whence emanated some black arrows that thrust themselves into the Victim Heart of Jesus, making It bleed.

And I understood that those arrows were symbols of sins. The dark and elevated mountainous ground symbolized souls rebellious against God, who do not believe in Him and do not obey His doctrine.

Then a voice, that was that of the Virgin Mary, explained the vision to me like this:

"There are three rays of Divine Justice because of the Trinity of God and, when Divine Justice discharges itself on the world as a terrible shaft of immense sanctity, these three rays pass through the Heart of the Word Incarnate, Mediator between Heaven and earth, Who, as a Victim, remains crucified in the Holy Eucharist.

"And this Heart, fountain of all sweetness, converts them into His own essence to shed them on souls as a beneficial rain, making blossom flowers of sacred perfume: roses, passion flowers and lilies: charity, penance and purity.

"And, despite such great love, the world responds with the greatest of ingratitude, fleeing from the splendor of His rays and from the tenderness of His love and increasing His mystical sufferings, hurling darts of ignominy (sins) at Him.

"My Son wants to be received by souls who make worthy Communions and who visit Him spiritually in the Blessed Sacrament in an act of gratitude and love that consoles Him."

Although we have already published this in a leaflet and used the image on the cover of our magazine, we wanted now to emphasize the significance of the image and we are publishing it again, although not in color. And we intend to continue publishing it and we suggest that our readers spread it on their own; because we have a license to do so and thus it is necessary to confirm that at the foot of the page.

And by doing so we will begin, all of us, to collaborate in this divine plan of which His Divine Majesty has spoken recently to all of us, that "we give Him this Work so longed-for by His Victim Heart," attracting souls to Him. Souls who adore the Most Blessed Sacrament where He is hidden, silent, as a victim! Because He is a victim of love for us before His Heavenly Father. He is serving us as a guarantee, as our bondsman! Then, will we respond to such love with ingratitude?

He has spent 20 centuries nailed there in the Host, because He is not dead, but living and, although His glorious body can no longer suffer physically, His mystical passion, unbloody but real, renewed constantly on our altars, inflames Him. And that is why He offers Himself and wants souls who will offer themselves with Him to the Father to obtain sanctifying graces for our brothers and sisters.

This is clearly the doctrine contained in these sublime revelations that have come to complete those that in another time were made in Paray-Le Monial to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

We must, then, propagate this tribute, this devotion and this image because in the originals of these most exalted revelations there is stated a promise of Christ that says textually, "a time will come in which, under this image, Divine Justice will be venerated and a cult of love be rendered to My Victim Heart."