In a very sorrowful tone of complaint He says:

"The world, My daughter, is traveling toward the abyss by the iniquity of its works. The day of Final Judgment and its eternal sentence is near. I desire to save many and, if they wish, I would save all.

"I speak to many souls as I do to you and I reveal to them the intimate agonies of My love. I reveal things to many souls and they prophesy for Me the disaster that the works of the world will bring on itself as well as the love of My Heart that wants to defend everyone. I show Myself to many souls as I do to you, I give My messages to them for the world and many do not believe Me.

"Satan, on the other hand, has shown himself under feigned apparitions to seduce many and him, indeed, they have believed.

"You, believe Me, and tell it to those you can and affirm that it is I Who speaks to you, although you may have much to suffer for it.

"Tell them that, very soon, I will give Mexico an era of peace and the re-establishment of religious liberty and I will make the punishment of universal misery cease, if, on their part, My children give Me what I ask of them.

"I want mothers of families to take care, with zeal for My glory, in the formation of their children, bringing them up in religion, not for the world, but for Heaven.

"I want the fathers of families to be an example to their children and the support of their wives in the pious formation of their home.

"I want young people to curb their passions ceasing to lead a life so similar to that of the impious, as they do at present. Let women not dress immodestly. Let men concern themselves with God and their work and not go about inebriated with amusements and vices.

"Let ambition for material goods be replaced by humble submission to My designs. Luxury and fashion will be their perdition!

"I want the poor to be more humble and the rich more merciful.

"I want from everyone more reverence toward Me and toward all holy things. I want obedience to all My precepts and those of My Holy Church. I want the words of My representatives on earth to be venerated as Mine.

"I want My consecrated souls to be more pure, to put more effort into virtue, to be more loyal in trials, more given up to prayer, more poor and mortified.

"I want my priests more zealous in divine worship, more withdrawn from the low things of the world and more given up to prayer.

"And finally, I want all the bishops and archbishops of Mexico to approve the things I asked of the Archbishop of Mexico in honor of My Blessed Mother and for the satisfaction of My Heart. I want the approval of the Offering of Victims to Divine Justice that I inspired you to make."

(Here Our Lord refers to the same thing that, at present, we are still battling to obtain.)

"If My children of Mexico give Me all this, very soon they will see the works of My merciful love. If they do not pay attention to this desire of Mine, if neither the one nor the other satisfies Me, then, My daughter. . .peace will be a long time coming to these lands, until another generation, more docile to My pleadings, fulfills these things.

"Punishment will continue to afflict them in justice for their works and if it does not break out in greater proportions it is because My Victim Heart in the Holy Eucharist is restraining it, as I have shown you on another occasion."

(Here Our Lord alludes to the Image of the Sun of Divine Justice, which has already been published and which will be published again with the help of God.)

"If poverty is encountered everywhere it is because ambitions have degenerated men, who no longer seek My Justice nor My Kingdom, but all the ‘added’ material things I would give them if they fulfilled their duty.

"If My children enfolded in the bosom of My Church suffer from the oppression of their enemies, it is because their works are not sufficiently pure to achieve liberty and triumph.

"There are some just souls, My daughter, but they do not compensate for the impure. There is a lack of works of sanctity that would make Divine Justice pour out a copious shower of blessings on My children and on My enemies, to reconcile both in the love of My Heart. That is why I want victim souls! I want the Work so longed-for by My Heart!

"Very soon, My daughter, I will give you liberty to work on My behalf. All that is necessary is a final sifting in the test My love requires of you. Trust in Me, My beloved. Enclose yourself in Mary as I have taught you. My grace will be with you.

"Enough for now. Go and tell all this to your superiors. It is necessary. I have not told you this for you alone, but for your Homeland. The sign that I give you that it is I Who is speaking to you, the love I make you feel suffices for you. Now, for your superiors, you will give them this sign."

(I add a parenthetical statement here to refer in passing simply that the sign God Our Lord deigned to give me was to reveal to me some secret things that my Superiors indeed were aware of and thus they knew that only God could have revealed them to me. At that time His Excellency D. Pascual Díaz y Barreto was Archbishop, Primate of Mexico, and he listened docilely to the desire of Our Lord.) On that occasion Jesus added to this message these other words:

"Nations will not be saved by the destructive sword but by the redemptive cross."

(Note that Jesus was insisting even since then why they should take paths of peace and not of war or violence.)

"My spirit is one of love, of sacrifice and of pardon. The devil has the opposite spirit, of revenge and of hatred and of sensuality. Every triumph of the sword is like the spirit presiding over it: false. It brings with it disorder, evil and a greater push towards its own collapse.

"The triumph of the cross will be lasting and firm. It will bring peace of soul because the blessing of My spirit presides over it. The enemies of the Church will be converted and the obstinate will be overthrown and annihilated by My Justice. And My children will enjoy triumph! This is the triumph I want to give to Mexico and I will give it, if Mexico gives what I ask of it."

I must explain here the meaning of these last expressions of God Our Lord, of "Mexico" and of the "Homeland." He has always deigned to speak to me of this sense of patriotic responsibility and, in a special way, He has referred to our Mexican homeland.

On one occasion He emphasized it in this way:

"Mexico and Rome will be closely united. Behold the link: My Immaculate Mother." (Referring to the Virgin Mary.)

On another occasion He even said to me precisely these words:

"She wants to reign in holy Rome and in holy Mexico."

That is, there is a certain divine predilection for our Mexican homeland and an intimate point of union with the Eternal City, Rome.

Concerning these words I just transcribed from the 24th of August of that year of 1932 we must now consider the years that have elapsed and how His Divine Majesty still continues exhorting us and waiting for us to realize our erroneous ways and to correct ourselves and give Him what He asks of us.