It was not until later that Our Lord came back to dictate to me. He came on the 24th of this month of March that ends today and then He gave the preceding message yesterday, the 29th and this morning, Monday, March 31, 1969 He has spoken to me.

It was one in the morning when Our Lord awakened me. I was sleeping soundly because yesterday, Sunday, I had been very busy with work and various occupations of my religious duties and others. Besides, my illnesses weaken me a great deal.

This time, simultaneously with the voice of Jesus, my cell was illuminated with the light He always radiates. But now it was illuminated in such a way that, for that reason, I awoke immediately. I knelt and then with a very muted voice, as though He did not want to disturb the "great silence" of the cloister kept in our community from nightfall until the next day, He said to me:

"Do not write this now until day breaks; but I come to tell you for your consolation that, indeed, there has been fruit in the dissemination of My messages by means of you. Give me thanks, then!"

Then, immediately He said to me:

"Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation."

These words are from the Holy Gospel and I understood that He was saying them to me, not just for me, but for that intention He has made known in these days, that what He says be disseminated to all His children.

"Ah, My daughter. . .Because if Your Lord should come at the first hour and at the second and at the hour least expected and find you watching. . .He will seat you at His Table and He Himself will serve you! Do you understand?"

"Yes, Jesus, I understand that this will be fulfilled on the last day of time."

"No, daughter, it will also be fulfilled a little while before as I have revealed to you on other occasions. For I have warned them of everything. All that is lacking is that each one work on rectifying himself and be vigilant to receive My visitation."

Then Jesus left and I wanted to go before the Blessed Sacrament in the little Chapel, but He said to me:

"Rest a little."

And I slept immediately. Then He woke me again at three in the morning, because I again felt His presence and again I knelt. Then He said to me:

"Arise and write. Tell them all to pray and do penance! Let My priests especially do this because they are battling with the devil who is tempting them. But if the faithful, with filial charity, pray and do penance for them, those who have fallen will repent and those who are battling now will not fall."

I must say: Our Lord has made this recommendation, that the faithful are obliged to pray for our priests, to me since I was a child, adding the following:

"When my priests are dishonored, I am dishonored. When they sin, I am disgraced."

By this Our Lord wants to tell us that, instead of going against priests, although they are giving bad example, we must concern ourselves with their welfare, praying and imposing some penances for them, considering that they, too, are human and, therefore, fall into temptation.

And, if we have received so many good things from them, we are obliged to repay them. For example, they have baptized us and given us other sacraments and, now that we see them in danger, are we simply scandalized? Can’t we have more charity and understanding for them?

We must help them so those who are fallen may get up and do everything in our power to do good for all of them. One of the words might be, "to counsel them if they have need of it," as Fr. Ripalda tells us in his Fundamental Catechism.

Well, I continue. After Jesus had me write this, He spoke again:

"Tell them all, My daughter, what pleases Me most and what I ask of them is reparatory prayer, that they do good for each other in everything, but in prayer, you can all do a great deal. Ay, pray and do penance! A great deal of prayer and penance is urgent!

"Let them not run around looking for the straw in their neighbor’s eye, but let each one make reparation for his own sins. Let them present themselves before My Heavenly Father with humility, begging forgiveness and grace, and I will evaluate their petitions. Daughter, only this is charity!

"Also, they should forgive each other as I forgive them. Pray for your enemies and do good to those who persecute you and thus you will overcome all the evils of this life.

"Withdraw into the silence of your hearts in these days. Leave amusement for now so the chastisement doesn’t surprise you. Come to Me, all of you! Repeat it, My daughter, tell them how much I love them! Let them give me their love and their lives, for, as I have always told you, I am their good Advocate!

"No good work any of you do will be without its reward! And, everything will be of value before My Justice while I am, as Victim, the mediator between Heaven and earth!

"Onward, then with the dissemination of this message! Tell them all to offer their cooperation for it: the radio, My daughter, the press, and especially the spoken word! It is urgent that they be made aware of this message everywhere! Again I say to them: This is the last warning; now there will be no other!"

Let me explain. When Our Lord says this will be the last warning, He does not mean He is not going to return to say anything more to me, but that this is the last time he will speak to us, advising us mercifully to prepare ourselves for the punishment by repenting.

After this Jesus said to me: "Go back and rest again."

And, truly, I slept until the hour for arising.

I, too, ask a prayer of all of you and may it all be for the greater glory of God.