Fourth Meditation


"Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God."

Purity is the essence of God. God is most simple, most pure. If God is charity, that charity, that uncreated love, is not mixed with anything: GOD IS LOVE. Synonym: God is PURITY. Purity is where He feeds. He Who is all pure cannot tolerate the least impurity. He would feel repulsed immediately, if not in advance. That is why, without Christ, the Mediator, since humanity sinned, lacking that fitting divine contact in purity with God, the earth remained or rather lay prostrate in the shadows of death. Divine anger easily fell over mankind, as the Old Testament tells us.

For that reason, in order that God, in the person of Christ, could descend from Heaven and effect the mystery of the Incarnation, it was necessary that an exception be made in creatures. And He created the Virgin Mary without original sin, immaculate, pure and without any stain whatever.

How much God loves pure souls! How He manifested His predilection for children, because they were pure, when He passed through this mortal life. How, although He was kind with everyone, nevertheless, He did not share His confidences except with two hearts, because they were pure: His Mother and St. John, the virgin Apostle. Christ cannot relate to stained souls. Nor will He permit anything corrupt to enter Heaven. With reason Sacred Scripture compares Jesus with "the Lily of the valleys." (Cant. 2, 1) Thus, He is delicate, because He is pure, our most pure Jesus!

That is why He has inspired His Holy Church, His Immaculate Spouse, to encompass Him with purity, even in her services. For the priest to approach to celebrate the Holy Mass, it is necessary for him to purify himself first and it obliges him to preserve chastity, under formal vow, deliberate and free, on which deliberation the seminarian meditates for many long years of experience in many virtues, but especially chastity.

On her altars, the whiteness of linen must shine forth. The same white vestment must clothe her Tabernacles. And, to consecrate the bread, it must be so purified that the Host must be of the whitest flour, smooth and without any ripples. The purity of the wine must be such that it is not mixed with any ferment. It is nothing but the juice of the vine, pure and simple. And thus also, for consecrated spouses, nuns, He requires virginity or chastity.

How beautiful is purity! Its whiteness! Its cleanliness. How beautiful, because purity envelops God, radiates God. . .holy Divine Victim. . .it emanates Christ.

Souls who love Jesus in the Host! Jesus, the heavenly white Bread! Would you like to please His Heart, thirsting for love? Give Him your whole love, impregnated with purity, with chastity, with virginity, if possible. The soul overcomes its carnal tendencies. All this is in your will, firm, strong as iron, conscious, human! And with the help of grace, you will be capable of all heroism! He loves purity exceedingly, virgin souls, those who do not contaminate themselves with the concupiscence of the flesh, those who consecrate themselves to Him to serve Him, especially for His sacred worship, for His love! Those souls are consolation on earth! Those will be the recipients of His most special graces! He will fill them with the sweetnesses, with the delicacies, with the ineffable joys of His love, exclusively for His "spouse souls."

Ah! Come and console Him for He suffers the pains of Hell, enclosed in the Tabernacle, contemplating the world that is not only impure but that sinks deeper each day in impurity. . .

Hear some of His complaints: "There are so few chaste souls. . .that you cannot understand this by natural reason. Even children of tender age lack this virtue. The demon of lust has his reign in the world to such a degree that, in all the states of life, he is deceitfully enthroned, making malice awaken in hearts, and there are neither simple nor pure eyes. My Heart is asphyxiated in that atmosphere of impurity."

Ah, indeed, if Jesus told me this about forty years ago. . .souls, friends of mine, who want to console Jesus. . .use all the efforts you can to separate yourselves from that world corrupted in mire!

O divine Jesus Who complains thus. "He is asphyxiated," He says, in the atmosphere of the world because impurity reigns. Have we heard it? His Divine Heart is asphyxiated! That is, there is no consolation whatever; rather, His mystical passion is increasing, horribly, infernally!

Let us imagine souls, placed in their bodies of flesh, inclined by original sin to the impure. Let us imagine them. Let us, for a few brief moments do what is called, taking a look at the situation. How many approach to receive Communion sacrilegiously because they wear a cloak of impurity! Impurities they have accepted with their eyes, amusing themselves with the indecent, with the obscene. Perhaps they have also committed impure acts.

Let us imagine: what does the Heart of Jesus feel on entering a soul that receives Him while having impurities?

And, from His Tabernacle, day and night, Jesus, as God, sees and is witness to all the impurities many souls commit and, without repenting, without confession, receive Him sacrilegiously. They receive Him or they are going to receive Him thus, stained!

Let us now contemplate the places of vice specifically open to the public so the children of God may go to commit sin. Let us imagine that Jesus penetrates with His glance the homes and there, too, He sees so many impurities. Perhaps the husbands and wives, the children, too, even the little ones. . .in what are they occupied? The servants, the friends who come to chat, perhaps of impurities. . .impurities in words, impurities in sight, in hearing, in touch. . .pornographic magazines that make the Divine Jesus, all purity, shudder. He who longs for pure souls! Virgin souls!

Impurities in the street, in theaters, on the radio, on television. . .