An unbeliever, a heretic, is dead in the eyes of God and cannot receive the flow of grace, which is infused only in those who believe. That is what is meant by those mysterious words of the Gospel: "He that hath, to him shall be given. . .but he that hath not, from him shall be taken away that also which he hath." Such is the law of Divine Justice. And if this procedure is employed in all the cases in which a soul puts herself into disgrace for any grave sin, what can be said of the sin of incredulity and heresy? Because the lack of faith is like the lack of the base or foundation of the whole edifice and, without a base, without foundations, the whole edifice tumbles, comes down, cannot last.

Let us consider, then, with great compassion, the heretics and the unbelievers and they are our neighbors! They are our fellow-creatures! It is urgent to save them! It is urgent to revive them! Because if they are fetid corpses, propitious fare for Hell, with respect to the Heart of Jesus, they are a wound that afflicts Him deeply, seeing the uselessness of His passion and of His Precious Blood that He shed for everyone. In spite of being God, He cannot revive those corpses, for He needs our cooperation. It is as when He raised Lazarus. It was necessary for his sisters, Martha and Mary, to ask it of Him and still, even then it was necessary to use other intercessors who went to ask Jesus to go to Bethany and console those desolate women, His friends. Similarly, to revive the faith in those who deny it, we intercessors and chosen souls must also unite ourselves. On our part, we need to redouble our acts of faith, but not only with our lips, but also with our hearts and our works: a great faith, entire and, at the same time, simple!

Let us remember the passage concerning Jesus and Martha before the tomb of Lazarus. Jesus exhorted her to have a strong, absolute, complete faith in Him, because He was God, and He said to her: "Did I not say to thee that, if thou believest, thou shalt see the glory of God?"

Oh. . .if you souls who believe in Christ, in His power, in His divinity, in His word, which is truth itself, in His doctrine, the only saving doctrine, in His miracles, in His indefectible Church; if you who believe in His Eucharistic Presence, if you do not do anything for the unbelievers they will continue in the shadows of death!

Go, then, to Jesus and protest to Him that you want Him to give the life of grace and of faith to all the unbelievers. Ask it of Him with faith and with insistence, pay for them to Divine Justice what they owe Christ and He will work wonders! He will convert all the heretics. He will bring the schismatics back to the path. He will open the minds of those who refuse to believe in Him. Offer atonement for those dead brothers! Do not cross your arms before the present spectacle, so sad, in which, in the measure that God sends us charismatic graces, the majority, even of those who call themselves believers, rejects those graces. They continue "killing the prophets." They continue refusing God their hearts.

Jesus asks souls to unite themselves to His redemptive sacrifice and offer themselves to the Eternal Father to rescue heretics and unbelievers. Oh, souls who love this Perpetual Sentinel in the Tabernacle. . .souls who approach Him daily to receive Communion, ask Jesus, what is His most ardent longing? And He will reply to you, "That all might believe! That all might come to My fold, to My only church, the Apostolic, Roman Catholic Church. That there be only one flock My Church and one Shepherd Myself, and that I be recognized in the person of My beloved Vicar, the Pope."

Should not this, then, be the only desire of all of us who believe in Him?

Let your heart be inflamed with holy zeal to attract all your brothers to the faith. For if we are sacramental souls, let us desire to bring all our fellow-creatures to this fountain of all good. Let us not be apathetic! If we labor externally, still more let us labor by means of victimhood, by atonement, prayer and penance! Let us purchase, at whatever price, Heaven, to populate it with souls redeemed through the Precious Blood of Christ and with our cooperation! Let us weep for the faults, the sins of all our brothers, as though they were our own, but especially those of unbelievers, for they harm themselves so much and they wound so deeply the Heart of Jesus! Let us beg pardon of the Eternal Father for those miserable ones, so their sins may be paid for in us, provided that we are not reprobates, but let all be saved; let all come to Christ. Let them all believe in His word, revealed in Scripture and in all the other revelations that are in accord with the official revelation of the holy Apostolic Roman Catholic Church!

Let us not fear receiving the punishment for the brothers for whom we may implore resurrection. What can we fear from God? He is a good God, immensely good. If we offer ourselves with all confidence to His Divine Justice in ransom for our brothers, He will have great indulgence with them and with us.

To be victims? To be a victim is, in the eyes of the Heavenly Father, to appear like other Christs, so the debts of the world may be paid in us. But, precisely because of that, we will be loved by Him, tenderly, and we will be treated as Christ was. Surely, we will be crucified, but we will abound in grace to know how to suffer. We will be covered with the merits of Christ and thus, we will fear absolutely nothing, because we will rejoice in the midst of suffering.

Let us not fear the cross! Is it not, perchance, the only sign of eternal salvation?

Let us console, then, the Heart of Jesus, uniting ourselves to His mystical Passion, that is, crying with Him for the sins of the world and begging until obtaining the submission of all those obstinate against the faith!

Fourth Meditation: -- Purity