"If people offered themselves as victim souls,
then My Kingdom would newly blossom in this world,"
said Christ to Albert Drexel

Words of the Savior
To Rev. Albert Drexel
in the Early Morning of Sept. 6, 1974

I bless you, My son, in this hour.

The world lies in a severe situation. But My great grief and the greatest disaster is that My holy Church is demolished by unfaithful servants and shepherds! Oh, would that those called to serve souls might understand the teachings of My Virgin Mother Mary, as My servant Mary of Jesus of Agreda wrote them down by heavenly enlightenment; then My sick Church would recover. Oh, would that such souls might multiply, who understand the book Save the World, and The Prayer of Love, and who would offer themselves as victim souls to Me; then My Kingdom would newly blossom in this world.

But alas, the world, with its threefold concupiscence, seizes more and more people; meanwhile, the churches are becoming emptier and more deserted. Still, there are many loyal and devoted people praying, but the sin of those who are unfaithful and infatuated with the world cries to Heaven!

I have spoken about a threefold concupiscence, about which the holy Apostle wrote: The concupiscence of the flesh and the concupiscence of the eyes and the pride of life. (1 Jn. 2:16). But I demand souls who atone and for love of me renounce that which the world loves. I demand souls who are pure and keep away from the sin of the flesh, which brings only corruption. I demand souls who do not let themselves become infatuated with the falsehood of the world, but who strive for peace and joy, which shall help souls and shall shine eternally.

The saints followed the path of My example, but the people of the world walk the wide road leading to perdition. They shun the image of My crucified body, but they will not be able to find peace. At the end of their lives they will be without good deeds before the eternal Judge. I tell you that the world executes itself, because it will harvest its own ruin by its sin.

But those who live according to the holy commandments of God, striving for eternity, shall have peace in their soul and heart in the midst of trouble and anxieties, and shall meet My merciful love at the end of their lives.

Words of the Savior
in the Early Morning of Nov. 5, 1971

Where do so many, so very many, of My consecrated servants go? They have repudiated the cross; they have lost reverence of faith in My presence in the tabernacle, and have separated from My Virgin Mother Mary, who is the Mother of priests and Mother of the Church.

This is the threefold desertion, the threefold error, and the threefold disaster, which, like a sinister burden, oppresses their interior -- an offence from which they cannot get away. Woe to the hardening of their hearts! Only the prayers of victim souls are able to turn them away from the path of eternal damnation; otherwise, they will fall, under the own stubborn will.

This is the sickness of My Church, that shows that good pastors are in the minority. Many of My chosen servants let themselves be influenced by false teachers, and become weak in faith and in the matter of humility, which has been the foundation in the lives of the saints.

Only praying, suffering, sacrificing and fighting souls are the instruments of guidance and influence of the Holy Ghost!

I bless everyone for whom you have implored in this hour of grace.

Words of the Savior
in the Early Morning of Nov. 6, 1970

May My divine blessing go to your dwelling place and to your mutual apostolate.

This apostolate serves first of all to glorify and recognize My Virgin Mother in this time; therefore, it conquers My love in a special way.

It is the time when many Christians, members of My one and true Church, forget, deny, and reject their Heavenly Mother and therefore become disloyal to her; whoever becomes guilty of disloyalty does not belong to My Church.

Among the rebels, one can find more and more of the consecrated servants of the Church. These are the ones who make themselves guilty of the sin of Judas, who gave Me with his kiss not love, but the greatest pain.

And, because of the shepherds who have been appointed to their office and who have become weak, the truly faithful have to supplement with their prayers, their struggles, and sufferings what these priests have neglected and missed. Therefore, I look with great compassion upon the praying people and the victim souls. Their suffering is great in their heart, but magnificent and beautiful shall be the love which is awaiting them at the threshold of eternity.

Their number is yet small, but is growing each day. Among them are some full of zeal for God and who value good deeds more than worldly possessions.

About the Author

Professor Albert Drexel (1889-1977) held three doctor degrees as an Austrian scientist of philology and ethnology. Born in Hohenems in the Austrian province of Voralbert, Austria, he was the third of five brothers, who were also priests. He was ordained in 1914.

In 1932, he had a private audience with Pope Pius XI. He taught as professor in the Vatican University for Missions and was later used as an expert in racial questions at the Vatican. Professor Drexel had friendly relations with the former Italian head of state, Alcide De Gasperi, and with the Austrian Chancellor, Engelbert Dollfuss, who was killed by the Nazis. He celebrated only the Tridentine Mass.

Professor Drexel died on March 9, 1977, and is buried beside his priest brother in Batschuns, Austria. Professor Drexel's book, "Faith is Greater than Obedience," containing revelations given to him by Our Lord from 1970 to 1977, has been published in the English language.

Faith Is Greater Than Obedience. Part 1. Download PDF
Faith Is Greater Than Obedience. Part 2. Download PDF

He wrote important works on philology and theology, and also some dramas. These books can be obtained only in the German language. They have not been translated into English, with the exception mentioned above.

"Faith is Greater Than Obedience," is available from:
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