Sometimes Our Lord communicates with me not with words, but with concepts, very intimate but strong, that flood me with an amazing intellectual clarity, an infused knowledge that makes me understand many things that, without that grace, I would never be able to understand.

I am going to transcribe those from some recent notes. It was the first Sunday of this Lent, February 23, 1969, as I was going to Mass at the hour of Terce in the Church of Santa Isabel Tola. On the way I was thinking, preoccupied by several things regarding our Community, that is, that there are few vocations, that there are economic needs, etc. Suddenly I was aware of the presence of Jesus and I heard His words with my physical ears. He said to me:

"Now do you understand what I told you when you were little, that this Work of Mine would cost you a great deal of work and that it would not be established canonically until My Vicar does it? But you, do not seek prelacies, do not seek money, rather, seek only souls! And fulfill My will!"

On saying these words, Our Lord made me understand other things He had already told me regarding the difficulties His Work of Atonement would have in being established in His Church. At the same time He was telling me this now He related it to other recent revelations that speak of the shortness of time, imminent now, for the fulfillment of the prophecies.



A Note from the Directress of "Estrella."

In our publishing office we began to propagate the news that was sent to us, although discreetly, but so, later, we could make known what God Our Lord has deigned to speak to us by means of a humble nun.

Before transcribing the text I must make one clarification: as directress of a publication and conscious of my professional responsibility, I must faithfully transcribe the news or articles "Estrella" receives and sends to its readers. But I must maintain discretion when I am advised to. Therefore, on this occasion, I must tell all our readers and friends: it will be useless to inquire of me the name of the nun who is sending these messages or that of the ecclesiastical superior who endorses them.

If the theme of these messages should seem childish, foolish or eccentric to you, we believe it opportune to receive them, at least, with respect. Whatís more, because it is necessary to obey the rules of the Holy Church, let us recall what St. Paul says to us, "Despise not prophecies. But prove all things; hold fast that which is good." And also from the Bible, "I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. . . "

Certainly God is almighty and can, if He wishes, speak to us through the least of the children of men, for Christ assures us that He can speak even through the means of stones. For this reason, "Estrella" declares its solidarity with its publications and just as we appreciate those who receive them with good will so we pardon those who misuse them.



Given at 8:30 a.m. The voice of Jesus: "Man spends but a single day on earth and, nevertheless, he lives it badly."

"One day, Lord? I do not understand."

"Yes, one day compared to eternity."

"Why is that so, Jesus? Tell me, when You created man, didnít You know that? You who are the Creator and God? "

"I knew it and, nevertheless, I wanted to create him because, for one single soul who loves Me and serves Me, I would give up the rest as lost."

"I do not understand these things, Lord, they are beyond my intelligence."

"If I were to give you that intelligence right now, you would understand it. But now is not the time to give it to you; only when you have left the world from which you were formed by Me."

"Lord, to understand Your judgments is not within reach of us humans. There is nothing we can do but have recourse to Your LOVE. Save all of us, Jesus! As Youíve told me and taught me that You wish to do. Then, would no one be lost?"

"Yes, those would be lost who accept perdition voluntarily and ignore My will."

"And how will these human beings who wander aimlessly through life know Your will? Didnít You Yourself tell me, a little while ago, that Ďthese people arouse Your compassioní?"

"No souls are lost except through their own fault, believe Me and teach it. There was a moment for everyone in his life when he was clearly conscious of sin. Did they not choose it rather than My Law? Well, that is their sin and their sin will not cease to exist in the presence of My Justice if they do not repent and do penance, if they do not adhere to My Law, because My Law is what teaches them what is My will."

"The Ten Commandments, Jesus?"

"The Ten Commandments and the teachings My beloved Vicar gives to the world. I have told you on other occasions that all those who are against My Vicar will be reprobate and all those who are with him, saved, because the light of My Spirit is in My Vicar and, therefore, he expresses My will."

Our Lord returned later and ordered me: "Write."

I went to the table and He dictated the following:

"My will is that they love their God above all creatures and all things.

"My will is that, in their words as in their works, they be truthful and simple.

"My will is that they dedicate the greater part of their time to praises, giving their Creator and their Redeemer, the homage of adoration.

"My will is that among themselves they should live in humble submission and obedience to each other, above all, the young with their parents and elders.

"My will is that they should love one another and excuse each otherís defects and help each other to be better; that they become good rather than evil.

"My will is that each one live modestly in the company of his own family, without trying to get for his enjoyment what is not licit.

"My will is that they do not take temporal goods away from each other, neither by taking advantage of each other nor in thought. And that those who possess them be as though they did not possess them, thinking of such goods as being on loan to them.

"My will is that they never slander one another, nor less accuse each other wrongly and tell lies, doing harm and doing wickedly.

"My will is that men and women live honorably in marriage and not in free love, stealing each otherís wives and husbands.

"My will, finally, is that they should not want to have anything that doesnít belong to them, not even through commercial industry under the pretext of social or even religious work, for perverse reasons.

"This is My will, My daughter. Do you see? And how do most of them behave?"

I said to Him, understanding what He enumerated in His dictation, "Lord, what You have enumerated, arenít they the Ten Commandments You gave to Moses?"


"Then the best thing would be to disseminate little catechisms without anything added."

"Daughter, these Commandments are the foundation on which all the doctrine of My Church rests; but tell them to listen to My Church.

"Tell My beloved Vicar not to give in to the propositions of so many wicked children who want to destroy and change My doctrine! Send all these words of Mine to your bishop and tell him to make it known to My beloved Vicar!

"The prayers of today and of the past, as well as of the future, are obtaining the shortening of these times of trial and that is why it is urgent that My Vicar do what I have inspired him to, which is this same thing I am enumerating to you, My daughter. See that todayís message gets into the hands of My Vicar."

"Lord, do you mean that of this moment?"

"No, daughter, all that you have written from the beginning."

"Lord, I am awaiting the permission of my bishop."

"Very well, this permission will come to you. Make haste, then, to publish it."

And Jesus kept a profound silence and I was as though dead, prostrate at the foot of the table where I wrote all this.



On the 12th Our Lord remained silent, without saying anything but this to me: "Hurry, write, time presses!"

But about midnight He dictated the following to me: "My human creatures occupy themselves with what will not do them any good. Why are they so foolish?"

"To whom and what do You refer, Jesus?"

"To almost all, My daughter. Indeed, it is that they should not occupy themselves, and even less now, with anything but the salvation of their souls and to their eternal life, so it may be happy! Do you understand?"

"Yes, Lord, I understand. But how will I make all the rest understand?"

"Do everything possible so your bishop may send the words I have confided to you to My Vicar and, in the meantime, love Me, at least you!"

Message of March 12, 1969