Victimhood—the Hidden Life

My brothers and sisters in Christ and the Pure Virgin, our Mother of Heaven: the past month, July of this year (1972) I sent to "Estrella" some words that Our Lord deigned to tell me recently, on June 5th of this year (1972). These words were told to me during my sacramental Communion of that same day in the morning, for I had the problem of not knowing how to answer some people, who sought concrete forms in which they could exercise their apostolate in cooperation with the Minims, such as preparing lists of souls that would offer themselves as victims, but Our Lord does not want it to be thus.

He says, and insists on making us understand, that it is good that all cooperate in atonement, but that there be modesty, spiritual modesty. In regard to the souls that offer themselves as victims, let there be no list prepared of those souls, for there are still no Superiors that may be named to take charge. As for this poor sister of yours, it is not what I would like to have done! For my part, I would like to have the chiming of bells every time a soul offers itself as a victim, but my Jesus says: "In regard to preparing a list of the victim souls for the pastors of the Church? No, the time has not yet come. Now everything must be done discreetly, and without ostentation."

He tells us in an implicit form, a bitter truth we all now feel: our holy Church has unworthy shepherds. That is why Our Lord Jesus Christ has withdrawn graces, gifts that He promised before; now He withdraws them, He defers them for other, later epochs. How sad, my brothers and sisters.

Exactly the same thing happened with other things that earlier He said and requested explicitly; now He revokes his will for them, and He leaves us bereft of those gifts, those graces.

Let us remember one thing concerning this: He Himself had asked for a pilgrimage to go to Rome, petitioning certain things of the Holy Father, Paul VI, and he designated certain persons to take this commission, but those people paid no attention to Him. Some did not believe in His message and others, although they believed, were filled with fear; and eventually those who made the pilgrimage, did not do it except by provoking scandal. And now, Jesus indicates and says that nothing can be done in Rome; only prayer and atonement in the catacombs.

"To pray and to atone in the catacombs," is as if to say, in secret, in the secret of our rooms, as Our Lord enjoins us in the Gospel, in union with the Blessed Virgin and the most chaste Joseph, as they lived always here below in their little house in Nazareth, humbly, hidden, working, praying and sacrificing for the salvation of men.

This, my brothers and sisters, is that precious pearl of which Jesus spoke, that must be bought at the expense of selling everything; this is the only thing necessary, extolled in Magdalen when He told her sister, Martha: "Martha thou are careful, and art troubled about many things; but one thing is necessary. Mary hath chosen the best part." (Lk. 10, 41). The only thing, if we acquire it here, my brothers and sisters, of which we will never be deprived.

Let us think about this right now, when so many roads are branching off, seducing many by appealing to their passions; to each one by the passion that dominates him most. Because, best of all, after we have left everything, we leave ourselves, forgetting ourselves and seeking solitude, to hide ourselves with Christ in God. The Blessed Virgin made her vows in the corner of her house; there she attracted toward herself the complacent glances of the august divine Trinity, and the promise of the Eternal Father to our first parents in the terrestrial paradise was realized. Similarly now, we must hide ourselves in order to elevate our offerings to Heaven, pure and clean, as we would like to be found at the hour of final accounting.

My brothers and sisters, I am exhorting you with all these concepts that are not mine, but God’s, received in recent messages—not public ones—but so that the essential part of their substance can be given to you.

Each day, the seductions increase; they are strong and varied; the infernal cunning is reaching a peak. That is why we must say that we are in a tremendous, dangerous tempest, worse than if it were hail or fire. Let us hide ourselves to pray and to do penance. Let us truly convert ourselves to the Lord, following the example of the holy Fathers of the Church, and atoning to Divine Justice, so we may succeed in having these times of confusion and fear shortened (Mt. 24, 22).

Let us remember and let us always keep in mind our fraternal solidarity, and let us rescue those who go wandering, those that have fallen but have not died, even if they are the greatest sinners and criminals. We can, if we decide to, with divine help, rescue their souls, so that they make an act of contrition, even if it be in the last moment.


Consecration of Victimhood

LORD my God, you have asked everything of your little servant: take and receive everything, then. This day I belong to you without any reservations, forever. O Beloved of my soul! It is you only whom I want, and for your love I renounce all.

“O God of Love! Take my memory, and all its memories, take my intelligence so that it will act only for your greatest glory; take my will entirely, so that it will forever be drowned in your own; never again what I want, O most sweet Jesus, but always what you want; receive me, guide me, sanctify me, direct me to you.

“O God of goodness, take my body and all its senses, my spirit and all its faculties, my heart and all its affections; O adorable Savior, you are the sole owner of my soul and of all my being; receive the immolation, that every day and every hour, I offer you in silence, deign to accept it and change it, into grace and blessing for all those I love, for the conversion of sinners, and for the sanctification of souls.

“O Jesus! Take all of my little heart; it begs and sighs to belong to you alone; hold it always in your powerful hands, so that it will surrender and pour itself out to no other creature.

“Lord, take and sanctify all my words, all my actions, all my desires. Be for my soul its good and its all. To you I give and abandon it.

“I accept with love all that you send me: pain, sorrow, joy, consolation, dryness, shame, desertion, scorn, humiliation, work, suffering, trials, everything that comes to me from you, everything that you wish, O Jesus.

“I submit humbly to the glorious control of your providence in supporting me solely by the help of your immense goodness; I promise you the most sincere fidelity. O Divine Savior, as a victim for the salvation of souls, I surrender and abandon myself to you.

“I implore you to accept all of my offering, and I will then be happy and trusting. Alas! It is all too little, I know, but I haven’t anything else; I love my extreme worthlessness, because it will obtain for me your mercy and all your paternal solicitude.

“My God, you know my frailty and the bottomless abyss of my weakness. If, one day, I were to be unfaithful to your sovereign will, if I were to recoil before suffering and the cross, and to stray from your path of love, fleeing the tender protection of your arms, Oh! I beg and implore you for the grace of dying at that instant. Pardon me, O Sacred Heart of my Saviour, forgive me by your most sweet name of Jesus, by the sorrows of Mary, by the intercession of Saint Joseph, and by the love that you had in doing your Father’s will.

“O God of my soul! O Divine Sun! I love you, I bless you, I praise you, I abandon myself completely to you. I take refuge in you. Hide me in your bosom, for my being shudders under the burden of the cruel afflictions that crush me on all sides –and I am always so alone.

“My Beloved, help me, take me with you. In you alone I wish to live, so that in you alone I may die.”

Written by a priest, based on the writings of Maria Concepcion Zuniga and Berthe Petit.

Questions and Answers

Are there any organizations, meetings, rules, external observances, etc., for being a victim soul?
There are no external rules, no organization, no meetings, etc., for being a victim soul. The norms for being a victim are given in the book "Legion of Victim Souls." The essence of being a victim consists in remaining united to Christ, by practicing the doctrine of reparation, sacrifice and atonement.

Are there any exterior practices for victim souls?
There are no exterior practices that are required formally. However, it is recommended for victim souls to kiss the ground often. Our Lord requested Josefa Menendez to kiss the ground frequently. At Lourdes the Blessed Virgin requested Bernadette to kiss the ground for the conversion of sinners. The seers of Fatima prayed with their faces to the ground. Kissing the ground is an exterior sign of reparation, adoration, humility, thanksgiving, expiation, and atonement.

Is there any other practice besides this?
The other practice used frequently is to pray with one's arms in the form of a cross. (See booklet Penitential Rosary.) Praying with one's arms in the form of a cross is a reminder that a victim should be united to Christ, who died on the cross with his arms extended.

What should victim souls read?
Victim souls may read any suitable Catholic books. It is recommended to read Scripture, the New Testament, the "Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a Kempis, and "The Way of Divine Love" by Josefa Menendez, because these books describe how victims should live in their day-to-day lives.

Historical Note about Conversion of Russia

THE YEAR 1867 was the anniversary year of the martyrdom of Saints Peter and Paul. Many pilgrims were in Rome at that time, in order to visit the tombs of the two apostles and to attend the ceremonies that were being held. At the same time that these events were happening, the original image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help was re-discovered (it had been hidden because of the persecution of the church by the liberals). Pope Pius IX commanded the image to be carried in solemn procession through the streets of Rome. During the procession a mother held her sick, infirm baby toward the image, and it was cured instantly. Many other miracles of cures and conversions occurred during the procession. After the procession the image was placed in the church of St. Matthew, and the Pope commanded the Redemptorist Fathers to spread copies of the sacred image throughout the world. The Redemptorists obeyed, and by 1900 the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help was well-known by Catholics in all nations. At that time (1867) the Pope made a prophecy: "Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the Sacred Heart of Jesus will save the world for the last periods of time."

In Eastern Orthodox churches, this sacred image is venerated under the title "Our Lady of the Passion." At each side of the image the archangels Michael and Gabriel are holding the cross, the nails, and other instruments of the passion. The Infant Jesus is looking at the cross, his sandal is falling off, and he places his hands into the hands of his mother. (He knows in advance that he is the Lamb of God, the victim that will be immolated on the altar of the cross). During the 1930s a prophecy was made to a soul in Mexico, that the veneration of this image would contribute to the conversion of the Eastern Orthodox nations (especially Russia) to the Roman Catholic Church.

Christ Needs Victims: Our Lord to Josefa Menendez

On February 11, 1923, Our Lord appeared to Sister Josefa Menendez in France, with his Heart glowing like fire and said: “And now, let us work for souls. Many are lost, it is true, but we shall be able to save many others from the ways of perdition, and this will comfort My Heart, in spite of the offenses committed against It. Do you know, Josefa, how sinners rend Me, and how much I need those who will make reparation? That is why I come to rest among those I have myself chosen. May these souls, by their fidelity and their love, heal the wounds that sinners cause Me. I need victims to repair the bitterness inflicted on My Heart, and to relieve My sorrow. How great is the number of sins committed! How many the souls that are lost!” (Mt. 7:13)

On October 15, 1923, Our Lord told her: “Do not imagine that I am going to speak to you of anything but My Cross. By it I saved the world: by it I will bring the world back to the truths of faith and to the Way of Love. I will manifest My will to you: I saved the world from the Cross, that is to say, through suffering. You know that sin is an infinite offense and needs infinite reparation. That is why I ask you to offer up your sufferings and labors, in union with the infinite merits of My Heart. You know that My Heart is yours. Take it, therefore, and repair by It. Instill love and trust into the souls that come in contact with you. Bathe them in love; bathe them in confidence in the goodness and mercy of My Heart. Whenever you can speak of me and make Me known, tell them always not to fear, for I am a God of Love.

“I recommend three practices very specially to you: First: The practice of the Holy Hour, because it is one of the ways by which an infinite reparation can be offered up to God the Father, through the mediation of Jesus Christ His Divine Son.

– Second: The devotion of the five Paters [Our Fathers] in honor of My wounds, since through them the world was saved.

– Third: Constant union, or rather daily offering of the merits of My Heart, because by doing so you will give to all your actions an infinite value. Unceasingly use My Life, My Blood, My Heart. Confide constantly and without any fear in this Heart: this secret is known to few: I want to you know it and profit by it.” ("The Way of Divine Love," p. 233, 405)

"The Way of Divine Love," by Josefa Menendez. This book is more than an account of extraordinary graces granted to a humble soul. It is the message that Our Lord desired to be made known to the world. It is truly a spiritual classic. Approved by Pope Pius XII. 506 pages. Soft cover. $3.50 + $4.00 shipping. J.M.J. Book Company, P.O. Box 15, Necedah, WI 54646 USA Tel. (608) 565-2516

Words of Christ to Maria Concepcion Zuniga

"It is necessary to withdraw from the vice that has infected everyone at the present time: radio and television. They must have a moderate schedule for this diversion, and not occupy themselves with immoral programs, as most of them are, and err by permitting children to lose their innocence through this wicked diversion." (Jan. 10, 1974)

"They must use vocal prayers, although they be little ones, but they will elevate the soul to its God. They would have to have a most intimate filial relationship with my Blessed Mother. The holy family Rosary, communions and visits to my Eucharistic Sacrament, even spiritually, at least, and this during the day and even at night." (Jan. 10, 1974)

"Another sinful thing at present is the decor of the rooms of seculars, where now no place of preference is given to my Sacred Heart not to the images of my Immaculate Mother, my saints and my angels. ... The homes of believing seculars are a shame. Let them show with works the faith and love that some of them still claim to have for me." (Jan. 10, 1974)

"With respect to the life of perfection, it is just as you have grasped it this morning. Let people be guided by the book written by my very beloved son, Thomas a Kempis. He entitled his writings 'The Imitation of Christ' by an order that I gave him, because he wrote these marvelous pages by the light of my spirit." (Nov. 14, 1973)

"These souls do not need to change their manner of living externally, that is, the married couples in their homes and in the married state, can form a part of my Work of Atonement. The young, who have not chosen a state, or the adults that are still single, those, yes. Let them consecrate themselves completely to giving veneration to my Victim Heart. Let them live united to me, and to the Minim sisters. The sick, the professionals, let them live as though fastened to the cross of their duties: let them unite themselves to the legion of victim souls." (July 17, 1974)

"Read this text ("Legion of Victim Souls") with a simple and proper spirit, and I promise to give you the graces necessary to participate in the Work of Atonement. I, Christ, your Redeemer and Master, promise it to you. This is the last revelation my Victim Heart makes to men. My peace be with all those who believe in my messages given through your mediation. I am honored and served by those who believe me." (Nov. 5, 1973)

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Title: Legion of Victim Souls --- Author: Maria Concepcion Zuniga Lopez