Suffering in Silence

My brothers in Christ our Lord and the most holy Virgin, our Blessed Mother, who loves us and wants to save all of us, in this issue I am going to share with you what my Jesus and she, too, have recently confided to me for everyone. Oh, my brothers and sisters, surely… we are in danger of being lost eternally, if we do not amend our lives, although this message is especially for the souls who offer themselves as victims to Divine Justice for love, in order to save the souls of many of our neighbors, since it is an obligation of all Christians to be aware of the unity of the neighbors, all of us who have been baptized in the Apostolic Roman Catholic Church of Christ Our Lord, so it is also an obligation to maintain doctrine integrally and to aim at perfection. Although this message is, I repeat, especially for the souls of the legion of victim souls of atonement to divine Justice, nevertheless, it seems to be incumbent on all of us.

I am going to refer to some antecedents to make myself understood. It happens that, for more than a month now, I am suffering a very painful physical affliction, which prevents my performing my duties of obligation, and it has made me adhere to an extreme diet. I have offered it in atonement for the sins of gluttony, that the world is apt to indulge in almost everywhere. Nevertheless, I permitted myself to make a prayer to my God, asking Him to free me from this illness, something that I am never accustomed to asking, because I know that it pleases God Our Lord for us to abandon ourselves to Him, but, on this occasion, I felt that seeking the alleviation of this affliction was justifiable.

Then, on July 23, 1973, I said to Him at Communion, that if this affliction was in atonement for some sins, then I would not want Him to relieve me of it, but rather to know how to endure it in a manner worthy of being offered to Him. Then He deigned to say to me: "If I wanted to cover you with leprosy, what would you do?"

Then I protested submission and I said to Him: "I would permit you to do with me as you will, my Lord and my God, and I would bless your will; but I would not be able to stop complaining of my afflictions, because I am little."

And here, at this time, He permitted me to see Him: He was luminous, near me, and rays of light emanated from His wounds. But that vision was so fleeting, that there was not time to see anything else. When He departed He left the room all impregnated with a most delicate and beautiful perfume. I had no doubt, it had been He; but the lesson was this: I must not complain, because, as He said to me on many other occasions during my entire life, it is not really proper that Justice should complain.

With that, I remained sad, although convinced of my obligation; nevertheless, it was very hard for me, and I could not stop complaining. But at my Communion on the 27th, of the same month, July, 1973, although without permitting me to see Him, He said to me: "Look, My little one: this is how you are thinking: that My Justice wants to be repaid for many sins through you. But you are trying to endure this phase for merits, the most perfect that you can. What I mean is: not only must you not complain, but also you must conceal your sufferings."

Then He kept silence, and again He said to me: "My Blessed Mother, the most perfect creature before the august divine Trinity, is going to be with you in these days." I thought, without saying it, "When would that be?" And He said to me then: "When? You await her night and day, wait for her, because she will come to teach you many things, so you may begin to learn from her, and thus teach others."

When I heard this I wondered if perchance He, my most beloved Jesus, was going to stop loving me? Would He be disillusioned (if the expression fits) on seeing me as such a little thing in suffering? And He answered me then, saying to me: "Yes, I love you; I have always loved you, and I would not be able to stop loving you! When my Mother comes to you, she comes in my name and in my place. Is not she my Mother? And your Mother, too? She will give you her maternal spirit; because victim souls must be like she is: the mother of souls. I will not cease to be with you; for I chose you for this mission. It is right that you call your daughters (the nuns) and speak to them of this mission that I began in you and them, and that they have to continue, without relinquishing the spirit of the redemptive work. It is necessary to suffer the punishment that sin deserves; only thus is Justice repaid, and only thus is the mediation of graces free to help me save souls, especially in these days of decisive combat. Note well that, what is paid corresponds to the sin, and thus will be the atonement that must be paid by the victim! Make this clear to those souls who, feeling the impulse of my grace, wish to offer themselves as victims. The redemption of souls will not be realized without affliction! But this affliction will be mitigated, because I am the consolation of victim souls; for I apply my merits to them."

Here my Jesus again kept a little silence, and then continued: "This will be published in ‘Estrella’ because ‘Estrella’ is mine, and especially, my message that you must explain is this: that of how the legion of victim souls must be. Because, note well, that I, in a single thing, include many others; but in the realization of atonement, are included all the things of this Work of mine, so that, in spite of the impediments of hell and human perversities, My Work is realized."

Atoning—Until the End of Time