The Nature of Atonement

My brothers and sisters, meditate on the messages of Our Lord, that He gave during three recent years to the entire world, by means of this, your miserable and unworthy sister. He has given them only for your good. They are an explanation of the holy Gospel and of all Sacred Scripture. Meditate on them, and you will see how He will give you lights, gifts and divine graces to understand them and carry them out. Because this... is urgent! It is urgent for each one of you, for me, for everyone. Let us pray for the erring, especially the shepherds who have left their sheep orphans, and have allied themselves with the enemies of Christ. But know how to make true atonement, because recently here in Mexico and in other countries, too, even those who call themselves defenders of the Church and of its traditional doctrine, have fallen into the snares of scandalizing and also of profaning the churches. Here, in the Basilica of our holy Mother of Guadalupe, there was a very repugnant case: the sanctuary of our pure Mother was profaned; the then those who tried to atone caused scandal. I sent this admonition by inspiration of my Jesus, that I now publish: "Atonement to Heaven, or Worldly Reprisals?" How little they know of what atonement is, those who, trying to do it, carry out criminal acts that offend God more, and are very far from atoning to Him.

To atone, we must first think: How did Jesus do it in His passion? Before His accusers? How did He ascend with the cross to Calvary? How did He die? Behold the example that He came to give us, submitting to unjust persecution, at the same time that He maintained himself in virtue and in truth. At present what all we Catholics need is to make an authentic profession of that Faith, of that holy, pure doctrine that is without blemish.

These are the martyrs, the true martyrs! Those who put themselves in the hands of God, to give themselves up in place of their executioners and offer their sacrifice to God in union with Jesus, in atonement for the sins of their executioners. That is why, recently, Jesus repeated several times: ""Do not contend with them, but withdraw from them."

Nevertheless, most people proceed in a very different manner. They do not stop their gatherings around altars profaned by sacrilegious worship; they are constantly authorizing it by their presence; and then, when they see barefaced abuses openly committed, they protest and get angry, proving that they themselves do not have the Christian spirit.

Let us understand well: "To atone" means to refrain from the offense. How are they refraining from it in the eyes of God, if before human eyes they are aggravating it more? They behave like primitive people, attacking the aggressor; and it is worse when it is done on a grand scale, eliciting anger and many other passions that dwell in the human heart. They put themselves in an attitude of war and not of atonement! Not with the attitude of the faithful in prayer, edifying, who may be worthy of gathering filially at the altar of God and of the Blessed Virgin. She was at the foot of the cross on Calvary, without breathing a complaint. That is how to suffer as a Christian! Remember what the Master said to St. Peter when he cut the ear of one of the officers that went to apprehend Him in the Garden of Olives: "Put up again thy sword into its place… Thinkest thou that I cannot ask my Father, and he will give me presently more than twelve legions of angels? How then shall the scriptures be fulfilled?" (Mt. 26, 52).

And now, do we think that Our Lord needs the direct action of us human beings? Do not believe it. For that, He can call on angelic armies. From us, He wants us to know how to "drink the chalice as He drank it." And He will not accept a suffering that is endured falsely and is at battle with the opposition. Many years ago He said to His portavoz, when she was a child and longed to be able to contribute to the army of Christ that she thought was the defender of the Church—He said: "Oh, no, keep from doing so. The triumph of the Church will not come by the destructive sword, but by the redemptive cross."

And He continues repeating this doctrine. He does not incite to battle but to spiritual advancement. He has insisted in telling us: "Separate yourselves from false pastors." Just as in the Gospel, He has commissioned this miserable one to diffuse this message of peace, of pardon, of love and of Atonement. And—if we would all obey Our Lord in this (separating ourselves from false prophets and false pastors), leaving all the profaners of the churches and adulterers of the true doctrine by themselves… we would have already attained some very special grace, of which we have urgent need to free ourselves from this abominable situation. But to try to put out fire with fire… is foolishness. Very human foolishness, but perhaps also in part, diabolical, for it opens the doors to violence, where the demon plays his part.

My brothers and sisters, do not forget: evil is defeated by good. Darkness is dissipated by light, and fire is extinguished with water. With prayer, penance and atonement, Divine Justice is paid plentifully, in union with Christ and most holy Mary, the sweet heavenly Dove and Mother of the Church, by Her being the Mother of God and Mediatrix of all divine graces. Would to God that some soul might understand this invitation, that God’s poor Mexican portavoz makes to you in His name.

The Need for Humility