The Mass of Victims

Victim souls, in order to be such in everything, and perfectly, must fulfill all the conditions required for a true sacrifice, so that it is acceptable to the Divinity, to whom it is offered; and thus due worship may be rendered; as is true of my sacrifice on Calvary, renewed in the Holy Mass.

1. It must have the material, or host, that must be sacrificed
2. It must be offered by a priest;
3. It must be immolated;
4. Then it must be destroyed:
5. Then it must be poured out:
6. Finally, it must be consumed in perfect holocaust.

Therefore each victim soul must make of its life, a Mass, being itself the host and Christ the priest who offers it. Inasmuch as the soul is offered by me and in union with me, and through the hands of most holy Mary, Mother of both; then I, in turn, being priest and victim, take the soul and offer it to my heavenly Father; as I offered myself on Calvary and as my Mother offered me from the foot of the cross. Thus the life of a victim is a Mass, that gives God worship by means of adoration, thanksgiving, supplication and expiation.

It is as though God, my heavenly Father, receives through Christ his Son, the eternal Priest, the soul that offers itself to him, because I offer myself with it and through it, and in it. I make its offering mine, and I give it my merits, for I am the commander of the legion of victims, because I am the divine and human victim. That is why the sacrifices offered by mankind are of value: because I animate them with my virtue and my merits. I work in them and through them, through the mystical union of divine grace. And I make their works mine, as if I were actually suffering in my victims, and were suffering through their physical bodies, with their spiritual powers, so that: each victim, upon offering itself, it as though I were offering myself.

Application of the Parts of the Mass to the Mass of Victims

The Mass of its life as a victim is thus: when it perceives or becomes aware of the idea of offering itself as a victim, and makes interior acts of admiration, of annihilation, together with acts of confidence, it is like that part of the Mass when the priest has not yet ascended the altar, and in which his prayer is one of annihilation and, at the same time, of great longing. It is the flight of the soul, animated by divine grace: "I will go unto the altar of God; why do I go about in sadness; trust in God…."

The decisive moment of its resolution is when the priest, ascending the altar, says the Introit, the Kyrie and the Gloria. That is: he begins the Sacrifice, elevates his prayer to God, glorifies him, implores him, has recourse to his mercy.

The Collect and the Proper prayers: the Epistle, the Gradual, the Alleluia, the Gospel, and the Creed, that comprise the second part of the Mass, represent the time that transpires from the spontaneous resolution, until the day on which it obtains the express permission of legitimate spiritual obedience, to offer itself formally and officially. This is the time during which the soul offers insistent prayers, redoubles its faith, its obedience, and with them it practices many virtues, and waits patiently persevering in its resolve.

The third part, that is, the Offertory and the Preface, comprise all the time in which the soul continues offering itself to God during its life, with the hope of being accepted. At that time repeated acts of surrender and of abandonment to the divine Will are made.

Then the fourth part, that is, the consecration itself, that includes the Mass from the Preface to the Pater Noster, and is the echo of its offering that, ascending to Heaven, is accepted by divine Justice, through My merits. The soul is thus acknowledged in the Book of Life, for the good of the living and the dead, as a host of immolation, just as is the Host of hosts (Christ) in the Eucharist. The fourth part of the Mass of victims is its essence, as it is in the sacrifice of the Eucharistic Mass, in the Immaculate Host that is elevated above the blessed altar to the altar of God, and it is, when carried out in practice in the lives of the victims, which are fused with mine, the sublime echo of eternity, when they, too, are immolated in great sufferings on the altar of love. That, then, is the canon of their Mass, objectively lived, giving copious fruit.

The fifth part continues, and that is when the victim must be given in a communion of grace for the world, sharing with it all the goods acquired: a communion that cannot take place without suffering, but rather with greater suffering. It corresponds to that time when the Eucharistic Host is broken and distributed.

This part fills the soul with gifts and longings to give itself more and more to God; as well as of lavishing itself on others, because it is possessed by profuse apostolic love. That is why it permits itself to be broken, that is, to be destroyed for the good of others. At this time, from the Pater Noster of the Mass until the ablutions, Christ the priest takes and distributes the host that is offered on the altar of love, and in this pouring out, the victim soul is mingled with Christ, who is the victim par excellence, the divine Victim. Thus united to the divine Victim, the soul can, mystically, give itself to souls in sacramental Communion too; it can enter into them and take part in those communions, because it is united to the victim, to the propitiatory and reparatory divine Host par excellence.

Finally, in the last part of the Mass of its life as victim, when it has been consumed by the Eternal Priest, the victim soul must dissolve itself in gratitude to its God, for it was offered and accepted, elevated by God from its nothingness and its misery to an intimate union with Christ, His very beloved Son, the crucified Redeemer. In this last part of the Mass of its life, the victim soul will enter the heavenly Jerusalem with its cortege of souls, to praise its God, three and one, eternally, for the redemption of souls.

Explanation. I have recorded textually what my Jesus deigned to say to me, many years ago. At that time I was a beginner on this path of victimhood, and I often complained of so much suffering, and also that I did not see the fruit of that suffering. That is why my divine and most patient Master explained to me these different stages in the path of the legion of victims, that I was beginning, and He ordered me to write it down. He told me: "So that you will teach it to other souls." Thus I reveal it now, to make it known to all my beloved brothers and sisters, that there is no reason to fear, when we surrender ourselves to be victims, although it costs us great pain, and it seems that we see no fruit, let us have faith in Him, in His words. He said that "You are not poorly rewarded." And He keeps his word. Throughout the length of my life, I have seen all His promises realized; the fruit has always been souls, the redemption of souls. And more often than not, we must suffer a great deal from precisely those persons whose souls we must help, so that they are saved. That is why it says in the "Mass of Victims" that, from the beginning of the fifth part of the Mass, the communion (the communication of oneself to others), is accomplished with much sorrow. But the most fruitful part is the last, that is the destruction, as when the Host is going to be consumed and must be destroyed. It is similar to when Christ the divine Victim, was elevated on high on Mount Calvary, crucified and made the contempt and mockery of those very ones for whom He was dying, and being accepted by the divine Justice of his heavenly Father.

And I can now assure you that this is realized perfectly and with all clarity, if we let God do with us as He wills. Because, he who offers himself well is not a victim, but rather he who proves himself in the moment of trial, of martyrdom, of sacrifice, of the consummation of the full holocaust. That is why, at present, it is urgent that there be a legion of victim souls offered to divine Justice, in ransom for the whole world, because now, nothing will save humanity, except this! victimhood, atonement. But, properly understood, what is atonement? What is victimhood? It is the offering and giving up of some souls, to be sacrificed in reparation for others that do not do it, others who persist in following the road to perdition, of error, of sin, of heresy, of profanation of the holy. These sins, that abound at present, will not be forgiven if there are no voluntary victims.

And, who must offer themselves and rescue those souls of our brothers, our neighbors, but those of us who have the gift of faith? All those who have understood the divine will that states clearly: "It is the will of God that all may be saved." Then why cross your arms before the most sorrowful spectacle of the present world, that runs precipitously by the road to eternal perdition, to the abyss of Hell?

Our Lord will demand an account of us on the last day, if we are selfish and do not offer ourselves in sacrifice for our brothers, to pay for their sins; just as we would like to be pardoned, thus we must desire and act, so they may all be pardoned, even the most obstinate. All are our brothers.

This is not presumption. Rather it is urgent. Victim souls are urgent… to be immolated for everyone! Like Christ, in union with Christ, through the merits of Christ! We can save many, if we have faith and obey the divine call, and are faithful in permitting ourselves to be sacrificed on the crosses Heaven sends us, and offer everything for that universal goal.

Symbolic Image of Divine Justice

This image was revealed by God Our Lord to me on March 4, 1932. It was prophesied, moreover, that a time would come when Divine Justice would be venerated through this image, and a cult of love would be rendered to "my victim Heart." Our Lord referred to it on other occasions by calling it "the Sun of Justice."

The veneration to Divine Justice and the special Acts of Atonement have been approved by several prelates since 1944. Even now we submit to the definitive judgment of the Holy Church.

Its Significance. When I had the vision of the image that is reproduced, I heard the voice of the Blessed Virgin, who explained it in the following words:

"There are three rays of divine Justice, because of the Trinity of God, and when divine Justice discharges itself on the world as a terrible shaft of immense sanctity, these three rays pass through the Heart of the Word Incarnate, Mediator between Heaven and earth, who, as a victim, remains crucified in the Holy Eucharist.

"And this Heart, Fountain of all sweetness, converts them into his own essence, to shed them on souls as a beneficial rain, making blossom flowers of sacred perfume (roses, passion-flowers and lilies: charity, penance and purity).

"And despite such great love, the world responds with the greatest ingratitude, fleeing from the splendor of his rays and from the tenderness of His love, and increasing His mystical sufferings, hurling darts of ignominy (sins) at him."

My brothers and sisters, God has patience with us, and awaits us and forgives us: because Jesus, with his Heart nailed on the Cross, is atoning and interceding for us, for all mankind. He is the divine and human victim who places himself at the forefront of humanity. And that is not all; on receiving the three rays of divine Justice, he converts them into mercy and sheds them over the earth. That is why we see in the image that the three rays of flames emitted from his Heart, are converted into the most mild and gentle light, and they produce virtues in all those souls that offer themselves to it, and permit themselves to be invaded by his grace. Only those who refuse to receive the divine effusions, as can be seen at the left, symbolized by some dark, tall mountains which the divine rays cannot reach, and are obstinate until the last moment that God awaits them—only those will be lost forever. And from that region now some dark arrows can be seen emerging, piercing the Heart of Jesus, making Him suffer with their sins.

But that is why Jesus asks for souls that will offer themselves as victims with Him! To cooperate with Him in the redemption of all mankind. "The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence," my brothers and sisters: let us take stock of ourselves, and begin this very day to give ourselves truly to Christ, sincerely, with all our souls, generously, without refusing anything.

Abandonment to the Will of God