You, feminine souls, young people of both sexes. . .Jesus speaks especially to all of you and, for His sake, I beg you: console the Heart of Christ that complains of being asphyxiated in the world because of the impurity that reigns in it. Do not wish yourselves also to be among those who go racing toward the abyss of eternal condemnation through lasciviousness, through impurity. . . Jesus loves you, Jesus calls you! Draw near to Him, be humbly repentant of your disorders and He will pardon you, He will lift you from the dunghill, He will purify you with His divine love and He will grant you many mercies, as you never imagined it possible to enjoy!

By the Precious Blood He shed for you one day on the Cross and by the sacrifice He renews daily, although in an unbloody manner, on the altars. . .have compassion on your own soul and do not waste that Redemption of a Man-God! Come and tell Him you will no longer make Him complain because, from now on, you will make a resolution to be valiant and to renounce the fictitious seductions that the enemies of your salvation the world, the flesh and the devil propose to you.

Do you not hear how He complains when He says, "Even the children of tender years lack the virtue of purity. The demon of lasciviousness has been enthroned in all the states of life." And so it is: there are consecrated souls, priests, religious, unfaithful to their sacred vows, who have given themselves up to impurity!

You then, at least, who meditate now on these complaints of the lacerated Heart of the Divine Victim, rush up to dry the tears and the Blood of that most innocent Victim Who immolates Himself for us to obtain our pardon. With nothing but our repenting, we will be forgiven. Do not let Him wait! If you have lost the whiteness of the lily, with penance you will have the whiteness He promises to those who humbly repent. "He will wash us from our sins in His own Blood." "If your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow," He says through Sacred Scripture (Apoc. 1, 5; Is 1, 18). Be chaste from now on, to offer the Spouse of virgins the consolations His Heart longs for so: an atonement for the sins of impurity. "Let the women not dress immodestly," the most meek Jesus has repeated this for many years now and . . .oh, grief! Each day this sin has increased to the point of scandal and to the most impious excess. . .What will we do? What else but to react and on time!

At that time He had said it: "Luxury and fashion will be their perdition." And how could He not have said this to us, if He knows which is the vulnerable point?

I repeat to you: He has spoken these things for you, by means of this, His poor portavoz; but they have been for all of you because He loves you so much! Return to Him!

O souls to whom these words may come, do not let them pass! It is the voice of Jesus Himself Who complains and warns you at the same time, Who reclaims you because you belong to Him. We humans are His cherished portion that the Father has given Him so we might achieve eternal salvation. He redeemed you at the price of His Blood. Do not waste that divine Blood! He asks of you what is fitting for you in order to give you one day the eternal reward. Remember the words of the Apostle St. John, the Apostle of love, the Apostle of purity: "Love not the world nor the things which are in the world. If any man love the world, the charity of the Father is not in him." (I Jn. 2, 15)

And we know that, without charity, without the love of God, we cannot enter Heaven. He who is most filled with the love of God will be given the highest degree of purity and he will be identified with Christ. Because where there is a great deal of love for God there is a great deal of purity. That is why St. John was the disciple beloved by Jesus, the one who rested on His Heart.

Do you want to have divine love? Do you want to be filled with that charity of God? Be pure! And God will come to you and enrich you with His gifts and He will make you happy from now on, in this life a happiness without illusions or mirages, a happiness and peace the world does not know how to give and one that no one can snatch away from him who possesses it. "For all that is in the world is concupiscence," adds St. John, and is contrary to purity and, therefore, contrary to that happiness divine love gives. All the things of the world, therefore, stain the soul and that is why it is necessary to deprive yourselves of them, to flee from them, to abstain from them. The sensible pleasures of the senses are the broad avenues of sensuality and whoever does not deprive himself of them will perish in them. That is why Jesus says, "He who wishes to follow Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me." One cannot follow Jesus without denying himself. Nor can one follow Him without having taken up his cross, after having performed self-denial. From this principle flows all the purity of a soul that wants to follow Christ, that wants to surrender herself to Him and to console His Heart.

Fifth Meditation: Confidence