Ah.... therefore, this is what Jesus asks on saying these words, "sacramental souls." He asks, His love desires, that "virginal souls consecrate themselves to Him as His spouses."

Let us not forget that Jesus is "the Lily of the valleys, who feedeth among the lilies," (Cant. II, 1, 16), the symbol of purity. That is why He says, "I want virginal souls to consecrate themselves to Me as sacramental spouses. They will be like an atonement for the sacrileges of those who approach Me with their hearts mired in worldly delights."

He has said it clearly. That is why He wants "sacramental souls," virginal souls consecrated to Holy Communion, souls who console Him, who atone to Him for those others who, although receiving Him in Communion, instead of consoling Him, wound Him, because they are "mired" in the world, in its delights, practices and customs, with its indecent fashions, with its prohibited amusements, with its morbid reading, with its dangerous loves. In summary, the aspects of "worldly delights" are innumerable.... that is why He asks consecrated souls to receive Him in Communion worthily.

And. . .He promises to be to these souls as a "Spouse." He promises to elevate them to a plane of intimacy with Him that cannot be surpassed by any other. Because: what is it to be a "spouse?" What else but to be the treasurer of all the tenderness of the love of the Spouse? To be the treasurer also of His interests, even the most delicate, His most hidden secrets!

For Jesus promises everyone that to those souls who dispose themselves to love Him with that purity and virginity of soul, to love Him as spouses, receiving Him daily in Communion to offer Him consolation, the rest that His Heart demands. And He promises to come to those souls and to inundate them with torrents of His grace and His love and, as if to wrap them in His most pure love, to elevate them to the intimacy of spouses. And He calls them, "sacramental souls," that is, "consecrated to His Sacrament of Love."

Do you not feel yourselves called in the intimacy of your souls? Are you not inspired, filled with zeal, to respond to this divine call? Let us note: He does not say that those souls are going to be called by Him. He does not say, "I will call those souls. Rather, He says, "I want them to consecrate themselves to Me" in this manner.

Thus He wants them to have recourse to Him. He wants them to be the ones who go and offer themselves to Him. . .so that each morning at the Communion rail they may call Him, "Come, Jesus! Come out for a moment from Your Tabernacle! Come and visit the abode of my poor soul! For I am waiting for You, to console You, to dedicate to You this moment of consolation with You every day, of intimate talk, of intimate union. Come to my heart, O Sacramental Heart! And.... delight me with the caresses of Your love! Come and unite Yourself to me intimately, with Your Body, with Your redemptive Blood, with Your exquisite soul! And melt Yourself in me and see me transforming myself into what You are, so my misery and my defects disappear and the day may come when truly I may be atonement for You for those who receive You unworthily."

Ah, indeed! This should be from now on our only thought on going to receive Communion, not seeking for ourselves anything but this, "to be virginal souls, sacramental spouses," who receive the Divine Lover of souls, and to fuse ourselves into His sanctifying Host. Then we will not take petty interests to Communion. Rather, every day we shall purify our intention more and more.

Because, with respect to this, the Blessed Virgin tells us, too, these words. When God deigned to manifest to us the symbolic image of Divine Justice and of the Victim Heart of Jesus in the Host, She said, "My Son wants to be received by souls making worthy Communions, and let them visit Him in His Sacrament, even spiritually, in an act of gratitude and love that may console Him."

These words come to corroborate those of Jesus. He wants the soul to call Him, with no other purpose but that of consoling Him and bestowing love on Him. Not to expect gifts from Him, but to lavish love on Him. Not so much to go to Him to ask of Him, but to give to Him. And not to give Him something that He esteems but little; rather, to give Him what He Himself asks for: to give Him your heart, to give Him yourself. For that purpose we should go to receive Him – with that sublime, elevated intention above the petty intentions with which the world approaches Him, so He may see in us a compensation for the mean and selfish world.

And we can receive Him not only once a day, but a million times. Because, although we can approach to receive the sacramental Host we take physically in our mouths only once, on the other hand, we can, indeed, receive Him spiritually, visit Him, and this millions of times, even in a single hour. It suffices that we make the intention, that we want to do so. That we call with love, His love. If we quicken in ourselves the desire to receive Him, Jesus will come to the soul that calls Him as many times and in such a way because He (let us not forget that He is God – and Almighty God) will enable us to receive the same effects that a sacramental Communion produces, if we do so, as He has recently revealed. Everything will depend on the soul’s seeking Him, calling Him, and He will not be able to resist the one who calls Him lovingly. He has said, "Seek and you shall find." What He says is truth itself. He is the Fountain from which all those who approach draw water. And whatever is the measure of the vessel in which it is received, thus he will receive. That is, the vessel is our will, our internal dispositions, the spirit with which we approach God.

Thus, when we have received Communion and we want to receive Communion again – let us hear, from Himself, a secret way of achieving it. He has said thus: "Do you want Me to teach you a secret way of being in communion with Me? Lose yourself, by means of love, in My Host. And I will carry you in My Heart and you will enter with Me in all the souls that receive Me; think ‛I have received Him in each of those who have received my Beloved,’ and you will take part in each one."

This is not a dogma but, indeed, it is a secret, revealed by His Heart and a human Heart that longs to be received constantly in Holy Communion and to be consoled for all the bad Communions.

Let us understand it well. Let us penetrate what these words that come from Him comprise, for He is Truth itself, that can neither be deceived nor deceive us. We cannot only receive Communion spiritually, but also live in sacramental Communion all day and all night, if we unite ourselves with an act of irrevocable love with the consecrated Host. We will be able to live in uninterrupted communion because everywhere in the world the Eucharistic Sacrament is being renewed, it is being distributed to the faithful, and while it is day in one hemisphere, it is night in the other and vice versa. Behold the critical point, the precise moment that we must not lose while we live here below. What the angels cannot do, we can, if we want to and if we ask it with all the love of which we are capable. There we must seek the realization of atonement for all the bad Communions and there repeat to Jesus that we are His sacramental spouses. A spouse of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament must occupy her mind with this. And for this purpose we can make use of the dogma of the communion of saints. And we can even unite ourselves not only with the souls that receive Communion, but also with Him, Jesus in the Host. Because He says, "Lose yourself, by means of love, in My Host." And, this is, we could say, a divine method of communicating – and of being communicated. It suffices that we make the intention, that we have the desire, that we do it with an act of real and true presence, face to face, now – with each beat of our heart. Even sleeping!