First Meditation

Let Us Unite Ourselves with Him

Let us unite ourselves to Jesus Who is so alone in the Tabernacles. Let us glance quickly outside . . .at the world, and we see that. . .inebriated with pleasures and stunned by the deafening noise of passions, it has forgotten the Divine Guest Who has remained in Tabernacles solely for love of us.

Victim souls who want to console the Heart of Jesus. . .come to Him!

It is an undeniable reality that Jesus suffers the forgetfulness and the sins of the world, because in that consecrated Host, although He is impassible, He is not insensible, because He is not dead, but living.

Yes, indeed, the God-Man is living among us who live on this earth. Do you believe it? Well then, you who believe this truth, do not forget it. Make it a constant part of your life, always in a truly real sharing of the sufferings Jesus bears in His Heart in a mystical manner, but really and truly, as is His presence in the Eucharist!

Jesus suffers, seeing that the world flings itself on its giddy course toward the abyss, and placing Himself constantly between His Heavenly Father and that guilty world, He is mediating with His continual sacrifice to obtain pardon for us. But, from the depths of the Tabernacle, He cries night and day:

"I want souls that will offer themselves as victims with Me to My Divine Justice. I want souls who will satiate My desire! I want a legion of these victim souls! With this legion of faithful servants, with the extension of the offering of victims throughout the world, the works of sanctity of the just souls will be increased. Through the merits of My redemption and before My Divine Justice, this will be the means of paying the debts of the wicked and will obtain many graces before the day of judgment arrives."

And you, do you believe in these words of His? Then, if He invites you, do not resist Him and offer yourself with Him to His Divine Justice, so you may be nailed to the redemptive Cross with Him and save many souls.

He can save all of them, but He wants to unite you with Him. He gives you His merits. He will give you His own Heart. He asks only one thing of you: that you give yourselves to Him without restrictions, that you let yourselves be transformed into Him. . .that you let yourselves be crucified with Him and like Him on His own Cross as a victim.

Do you want then, soul, to be generous? Listen to these words that He says for the victim soul:

"Give me your hands to work, your eyes to see, your feet to walk, your mouth to speak; all your body to animate it with My virtue, and your soul to transform it in Me."

This is the victim soul. Do you wish to make this exchange, so profitable for you, with Him?

And if you offer yourself and give yourself thus to Him, you will also hear from His lips these words that are a total ascetic program that will teach you to love Him and to give yourself to Him. He says:

"Forget everything and love Me. Kiss My Heart more and more and calm the fire of Its passion, the fire of love and of zeal for souls. My love longs for the pure love of its creatures, the chaste love of virgin souls who, as faithful and loving spouses, are enamored of Me, console me, receive Me and live watching for Me, recollected in their interior, shut off from the world, attentive to My voice. Love Me with your soul, with your heart, and with your body. Give Me your works, your words and your thoughts. It pleases Me when the love of My beloved ones overflows from their mouth. Then I will place My Heart next to their lips so their love may not be lost so, when their love expresses itself in loving words, it may fall as a balm upon My Heart."

Meditate on these words of Jesus and you find the perfect form for the love you must give to Him so you may be truly united with Him and console Him.

Aside from this, this is the form of fulfilling in all its extension the first commandment of the Law of God: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy being.

But, returning to the words revealed here, the first thing He says is: "Forget everything and love Me."

Jesus thirsts for our heart, He hungers for our affection, for our tenderness. . .for love, for our affections and our caresses, for He adds: "Kiss My Heart more and more and clam the fire of My Passion, the fire of love and zeal for souls."

What would it be like to "kiss the Heart of Jesus?" What. . .but to love Him with all the tenderness of love?

Would mothers love their children; wives, their husbands; the engaged; their future spouses; more than the spouses of Christ, their divine Spouse, Jesus? They would kiss their loved ones almost with a cult of love and we, will we be cold in our love for a God made man for love of us? He became man precisely so we might love Him in a human and a divine way! That is what Jesus wants! That is what He asks of us with these words: "kiss My Heart."

We will kiss the Heart of Jesus when we give to Him alone all our affection, when we live solely for Him, when we think of nothing but Him, when He alone is the object of our life. . .when, our hearts overflowing with love, we will tell Him a thousand tendernesses at each instant, until expiring. Only thus will we calm the fire and the zeal our Divine Redeemer suffers for us. For, let us listen as He adds: "My love longs for the pure love of its creatures; the chaste love of virgins who, as faithful and loving spouses, are enamored of Me, recollected in their interior, shut off from the world. . .attentive to My voice."

What great kindness of Jesus, to make known to us what He wants of us, what He asks of us; what He longs for. . .what he waits for us to give Him: the pure love of His creatures.

The Spouse of virgins, He Who feeds among the lilies, wants purity, purity. He asks for purity in intentions, purity in works, purity in thoughts, purity in words. He asks for purity of everything that is unclean or stained, because that is "the pure love of creatures," the purity of conscience acquired by force of love for Him.

But still He emphasizes more directly another purity, "the chaste love of virgins who, as faithful and loving spouses, are enamored of Me."