Final Judgment

By María Concepción Zúñiga López

Electronic Edition

It is a truth of faith that this planet, the earth and its inhabitants—everything—will come to an end.

All the prophets speak to us of the events of the last years of mankind. But the Prophet of prophets, Christ our Lord, above all, through His Gospel, has spoken to us with noon-day clarity about the end of the world, and He has even announced to us the signs that will precede that end, in which a universal judgment will take place.

Well then, our Lord wants to forewarn us still more, and in very recent intimate revelations, in accordance with the teaching of Holy Church, He exhorts us to be prepared to await that day. And even more: He wants us as if to rally under a banner in such a way that we may not only be possessed with holy fear for that event, but also with joy and with intense love, so that, instead of being frightened because that day is approaching, we may long for it and beg Heaven that the times may be shortened so that that moment of great joys may arrive.

How is that? What is that banner that will unify that most fortunate phalanx of souls who, far from being terrified by the end of the world, will fervently hope for it? That banner is precisely, the cult of love, of surrender to, and of confidence in, Divine Justice.

Especially the souls who have offered themselves as victims in union with the Divine Victim, on that day will be at the right hand of Christ, the Judge, with an army of souls that, by dint of anguish and of love, they rescued by the merits of Christ Himself, being docile to the invitation that He made during His Eucharistic stay, where He lives interceding before His Heavenly Father, so that all men might be saved.

Victim souls, those who formed His legion of atonement, those who surrendered themselves, as He did, to Divine Justice, without any fear, but rather with courage and generosity, on that day will be undaunted, even witnessing the condemnation of the wicked, because, on that great day, Justice will be glorified as much by the just man who is saved, as by the obstinate man who is condemned.

And we know which ones are the victim souls. Saint John makes them known to us in short words: "In this we have known the charity of God, because He hath laid down His life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren." (1 Jn. 3, 16). This is the same as what saint Paul says: "Bear ye one another’s burdens." (Gal. 6, 2).

Meditating on Saint John and Saint Paul in these expressions about an irrefutable truth, we find that, offering ourselves thus to God, in that manner, is the true vocation of all who have been called to the church of Christ; that is: all the baptized. This is true Christian solidarity, and even simply human, fraternal solidarity. It is so logical that in a family each and every one of them feels responsible for the others!

To offer ourselves then, as victims to Divine Justice to rescue all our brothers: sinners, heretics, schismatics, the wicked, the obstinate in sin, etc., ought to be a thing so common, so natural! Although in order to make a formal promise to God, first we must meditate on it well, so that later we do not come to be deserters, like the hypocrites of whom it is written in the Sacred Scriptures that "the Lord abhors the deceitful man." (Ps. 5, 7). The first thing that we can and must do to prepare ourselves for the day of final judgment is to enter into that cult of love and of confidence to which God is inviting us, on saying to us: "I want them to love Me in My most holy Trinity, with a similar trusting love; let them abandon themselves to My Justice, because My justice will save them."

To have confidence, to have faith in Divine Justice! such a logical thing now, when for so many centuries the Lord is repeating to us: "Trust in Me!" For if we wish to have confidence and rejoice on the day of eternal judgment, the day of the final judgment, let us begin now to trust in that Justice! Now, when He does not yet proclaim Himself our Judge, but rather, our Savior and Teacher, our bondsman, when His Justice is love and is manifest in mercy.

Let us give God that cult of love for His Justice, and we will have found—He Himself says—the "key to His Heart." "With love Justice is disarmed," He said recently to this miserable Portavoz, who transmits His words to you. And still he continues repeating the same thing to me.

Let us profit by it then, now! It is urgent that we exercise our love in surrendering ourselves to his Justice, so that on judgment day we may have confidence and not fear, and not be in terror, in dread.

If we do this, He Himself will take us by the hand on the path of complete surrender of victims, because He extends His Justice "to them that are right in heart." (Ps. 35, 11). "For with thee is the fountain of life: and in thy light we shall see light." (Ps. 35, 10). "For the Lord is just and hath loved justice." (Ps. 10, 8). Oh, indeed! Let us prepare ourselves now, because on that great day, "the way of the wicked shall perish," says the first Psalm (v. 6). And Sacred Scripture adds. (on judgment day): "let all them be glad that hope in thee." (Ps. 5, 12).

And if we achieve that total surrender of ourselves now to Divine Justice, as victims, if we form a part of that legion of victim souls that His Victim Heart begs for, oh! What great joy! Because then, and if we persevere in the surrender until the end of our lives, then, on that great day, we will not only have confidence in Justice, but we will be most fortunate in seeing the consummation of Divine Justice. Because Saint John tells us that : "In this is the charity of God perfected with us, that we may have confidence in the day of judgment." (1 Jn. 4, 17).

Because he who offers himself as a victim in propitiation for his brothers, and in atonement to Divine Justice, what is he doing, but imitating Christ? Or rather what Saint Paul says: "filling up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ." (Col. 1, 24).

The victim to Justice, instead of fearing the day of judgment, we repeat, must ask that the times be shortened, and, above all, the last times, for each day will be more foreboding. For Christ left us this charge in His Gospel: "And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened." (Matt. 24, 22),

Here Our Lord speaks of "His elect." Is it not clear that those elect must be the souls that offer themselves as victims to His Divine Justice? But, so we may not be in doubt about the judgment, let us hear His most recent revelations.

"If you are My spouse, if you love Me, satisfy this longing of your master: seek for Me victims souls who will offer themselves to My Divine Justice for love. I want a legion of these souls. Tell My priests to give Me victim souls. Make known this ardent desire of My heart, of My Victim Heart, that thirsts for reparatory love."

Have we heard it? Reparatory souls! From whence will we give these victim souls to Jesus, so that with Him and like Him they may offer themselves to Divine justice, if not but first from among us? We who are listening, by means of His confidential prodigality, to these intimate expressions of His mystical passion, that consumes Him in the Tabernacles, where He is no longer able to suffer physically: and He wants generous souls that will give Him their physical sufferings, to nail themselves with Him and like Him to the redemptive Cross of sacrifice, offered on the altars of love. Behold the chosen souls... all those to whom this message of the Victim Heart of Jesus arrives! And these souls must carry out that assignment that He gives in His Gospel: to ask that these sorrowful times that have been unleashed upon us, when Satan is taking prisoners in the field of combat, may be shortened. And we...are we crossing our arms? Will we let our brothers perish? Not even, perchance, to rescue our own souls? Why? Through lack of confidence? Through cowardice? Let us fling ourselves now into this legion of combat, if we wish to have confidence on judgment day!

Why does Our Lord ask for a legion of victim souls? Because it is necessary, to fight and to defeat Satan and to rescue many souls. On another occasion Jesus told me the same thing, but in another way: "The apostolate, My spouse, is urgent! Even among contemplative souls! An intimate apostolate! I do not want My servants to live for anything except to rescue souls! I want the apostolate of works and of prayer. Those who think of nothing but saving their own souls are selfish: they do not give great consolation to My Heart. Those who appropriate nothing to themselves and who live until the end in laboriousness and in fidelity, winning treasures to populate My glory with souls—those are my delight!

Jesus was speaking to me, not of missionary apostles, for example, but of apostles through means of prayer and loving immolation offered to Divine Justice to rescue sinners and in atonement for the sins of the world—the apostolate of suffering!

Apostolic souls and victim souls are synonymous; they yield a harvest of rescued souls. Because, to prepare ourselves for the day of judgment, we must make a reality of those words of Jesus in the Gospel: "Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God and His Justice." (Mt. 6, 33). And if it seems to the apostle that this is the goal of his labors, the results will undoubtedly be superabundant, because the victim works only in the secret of his heart and under the eyes of God, who promises to reward lavishly what is done without ostentation. (Mt. 6, 6).

That is why He says that those souls form "His delight." We repeat: those souls will be the elect of whom our Lord was speaking: those who must ask Heaven to shorten the final times, so that souls are not perverted and the devil may not win them with his cunning and by means of the contamination of scandals, of those who drag the rest in their swirling race to the abyss of eternal condemnation.

Jesus, speaking about His victim souls, and asking that a legion of those souls be sought for Him, says: "There are some just souls, My daughter, but they do not compensate for those that are impure. There is a need of meritorious works of sanctity that will obtain from Divine Justice a copious shower of blessings upon My children, as well as upon My enemies, so that both of them be reconciled in the love of My Heart. This is the reason why I desire that there be victim souls!" (Aug. 24, 1932).

On a certain occasion, Jesus deigned to enumerate to me many sins and many different types of sinners, and on ending such an exposition, He said to me: "These are the souls whom I desire to save through My love of Justice, by extending the legion of victim souls, who offer themselves to My Divine Justice for all the others. With this legion of faithful servants, and with the extension of the offering of victim souls in the world, there will be an increase of sanctifying works in just souls, through the merits of My redemption. In the sight of My Divine Justice, all of these good works will be regarded as a payment of the debt incurred, by the wickedness of the human race, and will also obtain many graces before the day of final judgment arrives. For, once the day of final judgment arrives, I who am now the merciful Victim, will then be an inflexible Judge of Justice without appeal!" (Nov. 11, 1932).

Jesus calls "love of justice" this supreme effort that He is making now with His lavishness of mercy, to save mankind, sinful and fallen into misery because of original sin. He calls it "love of justice" because He wants us souls to consecrate ourselves to His Justice for love, lovingly, as He does it. Love! Infinite charity of the Heart of Jesus, Victim, that invites us to nail ourselves with Him on His own redemptive Cross, in order to have a copious reward on the day of final judgment. It is "love of justice" that promises us to increase the value of our little reparatory acts with His divine and infinite merits, and thus to offer them to the Eternal Father, as His, and His merits as ours! Oh, and what treasures this Heart offers us!

Will we ignore Him?...with His hand outstretched? Let us meditate on it. Are we afraid because of our great misery? Let us remember: He will cover us with His power! With His fortitude! Besides, what will our undertaking consist of as victims? Certainly: in nothing new; our life can continue unchanged: only in our own interior will there be a radical change: we will let God do with us as He wills; we will surrender ourselves at each moment; we will not bargain with Him about anything; we will give Him our will, in such a way that it may come to be united with His divine will. An act of generosity now will bring us later an eternal reward of glory.

He has promised His victims the following: "I shall be all love for My legion of victims," and not only for those who offer themselves as victims, but also He adds: "and for all those who will have assisted and supported and cooperated in their works of unification, according to the desire of My holy Mother and in keeping with the ardent desires of My Heart."

And to exhort us not to delay our generosity, He adds: "Yet for a little while longer I shall be with you as a Victim, but only a short time remains, My beloved daughter! It is necessary to make great efforts. All must prepare themselves and be ready; for the last hour is not far distant." (Nov. 11, 1932). Let us consider slowly these last words.

Our Lord charges us with three things. First, to make great efforts. That is: to offer ourselves quickly to his Divine Justice, or to seek someone who will offer himself—at least to begin by doing this—so that grace may work in us the decision of offering ourselves also. Everything done to make these efforts will be to support His works of unification. And this must be done quickly, "before judgment day arrives." Right now, then, is that opportune time: now is the time to merit, and not after that Just Judge gives to each one according to his works. Now...when Justice is still manifested in mercy that forgives! And after making those efforts and offering ourselves with love and confidence to Divine Justice, we must, He says, be prepared! How will we be prepared?

In the opinion of the holy Fathers and Doctors of the Church, those moments of Justice will be terrible! And from the mouth of Jesus Himself, He tells us: "For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be." (Mt. 24., 21)

Ah, but the terrible thing about the end of the world will not be the moment of judgment, but before the judgment, precisely, those unfortunate times that must precede it, and we are living in them at present. But if we offer ourselves now to the service of His Justice, if we offer ourselves as victims, if we seek for Him many souls to offer themselves...ah!...on that great day, we will be surrounded by the souls that we were able to rescue through His own merits, those of the divine Lamb who takes away the sins of the world, and that is why, precisely for that reason, on that great and happy day, we will experience the joy of His glory! "There will be no judgment for victim souls of Divine Justice who offered themselves for love. Victim souls will be judged with love."

How beautiful, then, not to fear the day of judgment! Let us now love the divine Justice of God, let us adore it, let us render it veneration and let us propagate its cult throughout the entire world. He has said it: "Daughter, when love is given to My Justice, My Heavenly Father changes His Justice into love!" Let us understand these words! The Heavenly Father has left to His Son the power of judging us. And if that Judge is our Savior, and wants to save us, He asks only that we love Him, to give us salvation: if we have loved Him and suffered with Him, and done the will of His Father in everything.

Now, then, let us avail ourselves of it in time and prepare ourselves for judgment day, for each day it comes closer and closer. Because now, as He has also said: "Because of My wounds, all of you live in an indulgence of love and pardon, that is prolonged with time; but when this wound is closed, divine Judgment will fall on the world."

What does it mean, that divine Justice will fall on the world? That is, to fall unexpectedly, without the world’s being prepared? If none of us were to be prepared, this would be final judgment. But "blessed are those servants whom the Lord, when he cometh, shall find watching. Amen I say to you that he will gird himself and make them sit down to meat and passing will minister unto them." (Lk. 12, 37).

That is why we must make great efforts and be prepared. And when we realize that other brothers and sisters do not want to pay attention to the repeated divine calls, we must redoubled those efforts and apply them to the unprepared brothers and sisters, so that, because of some, others may be pardoned, and thus the divine plan may be consummated: "that no one may be lost, that all may be saved."

That is why, on that day, "the charity of God will be perfected with us," as Saint John says (1 Jn. 4, 17), if we help Jesus to redeem our brothers; because then the glory of the Son and of the collaborators in His reign will be great.

That is why, in these days so many collaborators in the Work of Atonement have arisen: "Daughter, seek for Me victim souls who will offer themselves to My Justice and who will atone for all the sins of the world; and a copious shower of blessings and graces will descend upon souls."

Let us do so, and let us await, with confidence, the day of judgment! So be it.

(from "Laments of Jesus, Victim," Sixth Meditation).