Atonement Booklets

1. Writings of Atonement in General
2. Writings of Josefa Menendez
3. Writings of Maria Concepcion Zuniga * * * Atonement Booklets Main Site

Writings of Atonement in General
Following His Footsteps, by Anselmo del Alamo -- Download TXT ---- Download PDF -
Little Peter, by Peter d'Airelle --- Download PDF --
A Treasury of Atonement (anonymous) -- Download PDF --
Reparation is a Fundamental Obligation of Christianity (8 pages) by Raoul Plus, S.J. -- written in 1921. Download PDF
How We Can Make Reparation, by Leading a Simple Christian Life, by Raoul Plus, S.J. Download PDF
* Rosary Meditations from the City of God by Agreda. -- Rosary Meditations on
The Descent of Christ into Hell, by Mary of Agreda -- Download PDF --
The Last Will and Testament of Christ -- Download TXT -- taken from "The Mystical City of God" --
Unceasing Act of Love --- by Sister Consolata --
The Greatest Book of All the Ages --- An introduction to the Bible, plus "My Daily Prayer."
The Dearworthy Blood of Our Lord, by Julian of Norwich -- Download PDF --
The Tumbler of Our Lady, by Hugh O'Reilly -- Download PDF --
Teachings of the Saints in Their Own Words -- Download PDF --written in 1905 by a parish priest
Life of Brother Giles --with 3 illustrations
Life of St. Francis (Selections) --with illustrations
Life of St. Francis (2) -- with illustrations
Youth and Conversion of St. Francis of Assisi -- with 20 illustrations: allow time to load
St. Paul and St. Francis Were Victims --
The Prophecies of Fatima Are Being Fulfilled Now -- Download PDF --
Our Lady of Fatima's Plea for Sacrifice -- Download PDF --
A String of Spiritual Jewels, by Louis of Blois (1566) -- Download PDF --(the first 2 chapters) --
Those Who Serve God Should Not Follow the Fashions, by Robert Hart -- Download PDF --Note: it is a large file, 1,074 Kb.
The Dogma of Hell, by Rev. F.X. Schouppe, S.J. -- Download RTF --
St. Michael's Well. --St. Michael's Well -- The story of how St. Michael
appeared to the Indian Diego Lazaro in Tlaxcala, Mexico.
The Life and Legends of St. Francis of Assisi, by Fr. Candide Chalippe, OFM. Written in 1727. This is a full-length book, 514 pages. (900 KB). It takes about 5 minutes to download. --- Download PDF
The Eternal Happiness of the Saints, by St. Robert Bellarmine. -- Download PDF (698 KB) --
Warnings from Beyond, to the Contemporary Church. Revelations made during exorcisms from 1975-78. ---Download TXT --

Writings of Josefa Menendez
A Cup of Cold Water -- A Cup of Cold Water (Value of Daily Actions) --Download PDF --
More Precious Than Gold, Part 1 -- Download PDF --
More Precious Than Gold, Part 2 -- Download PDF --
Three Recommendations -- Three Recommendations

Writings of Maria Concepcion Zuniga
Legion of Victim Souls -- Download TXT ---- Download PDF --
Penitential Rosary -- Download TXT -- Download PDF --
My Best Book -- Download PDF
Laments of Jesus, Victim -- Download PDF --
Warnings and Voices from Beyond the Grave -- Download TXT --
Words of Christ to a Soul: 1932 -- Download PDF

Message of April 5, 1970 -- With a report of a grace received, and also with the color painting of
"The Blessed Virgin as a Child," by Francisco Zurbaran. "This picture has earned eternal salvation for its author and for many souls." (words of Christ to Maria Concepcion, Apr. 5, 1970)

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These booklets are in the public domain. They may be copied, reproduced and distributed by anyone.
-- Please read these booklets, and put them into practice, if you have the opportunity.
Our Lord promised special graces for those who read these heavenly writings with uprightness of intention.

"Read this text (Legion of Victim Souls) with a simple and proper spirit, and I promise to give you the graces necessary to participate in the work of atonement. I, Christ, your Redeemer and Master, promise it to you.
This is the last revelation my Victim Heart makes to men.
My peace be with all those who believe in my messages given through your mediation.
I am honored and served by those who believe me."
---- Our Lord to Maria Concepcion Zuniga. 1973.
"Grace will accompany my words, and those who make them known." --- Our Lord to Josefa Menendez. 1923.

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